G. Beneke GmbH

Convinced of the XL-1600 for more than 10 years

G. Beneke GmbH has been a satisfied eurolaser customer for more than 10 years and processes acrylic and films, among other things, with its XL-1600. The company’s core business includes processing adhesive films and stencils as well as cutting and engraving acrylic for the production of cups or POS displays. In the Hanover region, Beneke is the number 1 contact for advertising technology and regular finds individual and impressive solutions for its own customers. In order to further expand its portfolio and increase efficiency through more laser power and increased working speed, the company decided to update in the form of a new XL-1600 with 400 watts of laser power.

G. Beneke success story at a glance

High efficiency and enlarged portfolio

  • G. Beneke has now been working successfully with eurolaser for more than 10 years and is convinced of the performance of the machine and the service at eurolaser.
  • The new eurolaser system of the 3G series has achieved a noticeable increase in efficiency, as it is possible to cut at higher speeds. The result: More output!
  • The new cutter further increases the application possibilities of G. Beneke GmbH. Products can be manufactured that would not have been possible without the laser.
  • With the new XL-1600 system, cutting thicker materials at higher speeds is possible.

Challenge G. Beneke: Expand product portfolio with new system

The eurolaser system ran at Beneke for more than a decade and was firmly established in production. In the meantime, developments in machine technology and materials have advanced further and hold new possibilities for users. For G. Beneke, a solution had to be found that would fit equally well into production, while offering higher laser output and providing new possibilities in terms of modularity and expandability. The goal was clear: to increase the company’s production portfolio and optimize process times.

eurolaser solution:

XL-1600 from the G3 series as a step into the future for G. Beneke

Together with G. Beneke, eurolaser has found the right solution: The XL-1600 with 400 watts from the G3 series is the new machine generation and Beneke has chosen twice the laser power compared to the previous system. For processing adhesive film and stencils, PMMA, solid wood, printed polystyrene and PETG, this all-rounder is perfectly suited and cuts even more efficiently thanks to higher power. A major advantage of the higher system output is that thicker material can be processed. For Beneke, this also results in faster processes. More orders can be accepted, which boosts sales. The company also uses the POSITIONplus enhancement, including fiducial recognition, to cut printed materials to exact contours. This opens up new production possibilities in the print sector, especially for POS displays and the like.

To the laser system XL-1600

No alternative to eurolaser

“We have been working with eurolaser for over ten years and are very satisfied. The well thought-out, robust systems and the good service are convincing right down the line. When cutting adhesive film and stencils or processing Plexiglas, there is no alternative for us. Without our XL-1600, we would not be competitive. And the new system fits in perfectly here and makes our production even more efficient thanks to the increase in performance!”,

says Gerhard Beneke, Managing Director of G. Beneke GmbH.

Product samples:

G. Beneke GmbH

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