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How Keplinger opens up a new business segment with

Founded in 1928 as a sawmill, the family-run traditional company is now based in Traun near Linz in Austria, where the entire product range is designed, produced and presented in attractive showrooms. Keplinger sees itself not only as a wood trader, but above all as a problem solver for the most individual customer requirements. With its subsidiary, any extravagant idea can be implemented. The laser technology used here enables, for example, impressive and high-quality 3D relief surfaces on demand. The eurolaser machine is the core of the production.

Keplinger ( success story at a glance

Addition of the laser as a new processing technique

  • The modern technology of eurolaser allows impressive relief designs for individual and creative products
  • The limitless variety of design options creates the prerequisite for the integration of an online configurator for on-demand solutions
  • Complementing the existing range of cutting, edge gluing and CNC processing with high-quality laser processing/engraving
  • Exciting new industries such as trade show and store construction, furniture construction, interior design and much more can be served

The challenge of Keplinger: Expansion of existing production through impressive laser engraving

Since its founding, Keplinger has distinguished itself through constant innovation and consistent customer focus. The company is always on the lookout for solutions that offer added value to its own customers. As demand for individually designed wood surfaces increased, Keplinger knew that the router as a tool alone would not meet customer requirements. A machining tool was sought that was suitable for efficient, high-quality and individual wookworking and that could cope with the constant market development towards on demand solutions.

Source: Keplinger GmbH
Traun / Austria

Source: Keplinger GmbH
Traun / Austria

eurolaser solution:

Efficient and fast engraving solution

eurolaser has the right solution for Keplinger that perfectly meets the company's requirements: the XL-3200 with 400 watts and the Honeycomb and PIN-Concept table concepts. With the PICTUREplus engraving option and supplementary OPTIMUM nesting software, the large format laser cutter is ideally suited to indivdual customer requirements. Like all eurolaser systems, the 3XL impressses with its consistently high processing quality. Engravings of the highest precision are possible and even photo-realistic results can be realized. Particularly attractive for Keplinger are depth and relief engravings with impressive 3D effects. Existing designs and files can still be used and new indivual customer requirements can be implemented at the same time.

To the laser system XL-3200

"With eurolaser, solutions are now feasible that were not possible before"

Rober Heinisch, Department Manager for Cutting and at Keplinger GmbH explains that eurolaser forms the basis of lasered wood at Keplinger. Laser processing allows for significantly more accurate results. The cutting quality remains very good, as there is no tool wear. There are no high set-up costs for the many one-offs made by customers. The machine is capable of implementing all desired designs. The new business field of has become an integral part of Keplinger's product portfolio.

Product samples:

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