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INNO TAPE is the specialist when it comes to further processing adhesive tape for all applications in the automotive sector. There are countless types of single-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes that not only replace conventional joining methods with ease, but can usually do a lot more. They seal, cool, conduct, protect or isolate. Often, however, the adhesive tape in its original form cannot be used directly in the process. And this is where INNO TAPE comes into play: You process the material further and adapt it to the individual applications of your customer - in form and function!

New paths open up new possibilities

In addition to punching and plotting, lasers play a key role in the processing of adhesive tapes. INNO TAPE offers its customers a wide range of know-how and does not only rely on tried and tested procedures in their work. The dynamic company is known for breaking new ground and often gives its customers a decisive advantage.

Eight eurolaser systems bei INNO TAPE

Laser cutting is an integral part of the INNO TAPE production. Eight eurolaser M-800 systems are now in use every day in the large machine park. Equipped with a honeycomb and with various powerful laser sources from 100 - 400 watts, the eurolaser machines can meet a large number of applications and customer requests. Low maintenance, permanent, and continuous quality of the cutting results and the flexibility for extensions, for example with camera recognition or shuttle table, mean that eurolaser machines have become indispensable in the production process.

To the laser system M-800

Laser cutting adhesive tape

On the laser, the material can be processed into molded parts in all conceivable designs and delivered both as individual parts and lying on a sheet. Laser cutting offers many advantages – for example, pull-off aids can be produced in the process by laser cutting the overlapping liner (cover film). In addition, it is possible to simply cut the upper layer of the material without cutting through (kiss-cut) and to produce perforations. The "cut" is extremely precise and offers a clean material edge. There are no tool costs, there is no need for extensive set-up such as punching and the raw material can be optimally used thanks to the flexible arrangement of the parts (nesting). This is why the lasers at INNO TAPE are used both for short-term prototyping and for mass production.

Quote Thomas Weiser, CEO at INNO TAPE:

„It all began in 1998 when I was visiting the Hanover Fair - at that time I was still employed by my former employer. It was a curious but visionary idea and although the laser cutting of self-adhesive materials was dismissed as ineffective by many at the time, I just wanted to give it a try. We see today what has become of it.

This spirit of innovation was a crucial component in founding INNO TAPE GmbH. And today that is exactly our DNA: We try new things and have confidence in laser technology and the possibilities it offers. Our team is continuously working on new ways, so that we have perfected the production of laser-cut molded parts. And we're still a long way from reaching our goal!

Our knowledge combined with the technology from eurolaser makes it possible to manufacture high-precision self-adhesive parts supplied as laser-molded parts - even in extremely large quantities. I am excited to see what will develop here in the years to come.“

   Insight into the laser production:

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