What does non-contact cutting mean?

How does non-contact cutting affect cutting results?

There is more to non-contact machining than meets the eye. In contrast to mechanical processing, there is no physical contact with the material being processed at any time during laser cutting. While knifes, routing machines or punches cause stress to the material, which can lead to undesirable consequences such as damage, laser cutting offers many advantages thanks to this extraordinary property.

The contactless laser cut provides numerous advantages:

No clamping of the material

  • Less work preparation
  • Full material utilization
  • No material crushing
  • Simple loading, no user know-how necessary


No force impact on the material

  • Lower scrap rate due to less breakage
  • Machining of small parts possible without fixing
  • Less cleaning effort, as no chips are produced
  • Less noise development
  • Better material utilization, due to efficient nesting
  • Virtually radius-free, fine contours due to minimal laser beam diameter

No tool wear

  • Consistent cutting quality
  • No resharpening necessary
  • Lower tool costs
  • No tool change
  • No tool contamination

No material distortion

  • Less material waste
  • More precise cutting results
  • Even very light, stretchable material can be processed

Even if not all materials can be processed in this way, there is now a remarkably large selection that is not only suitable for laser processing, but also promises further product advantages. eurolaser has already successfully processed more than 10,000 different applications and materials “without contact”!

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