How Filter-Müller was able to increase its numbers in filter production

The company Filter-Müller, which focuses on the production of high-quality filter solutions, switched from manual processing to laser cutting in 2017. Significant successes have been achieved with the L-3200 Conveyor system. A high level of repeatability with a simultaneous increase in the number if pieces and the automation of many work steps help to maximize the efficiency of the entire company. Today it is impossible to imagine the production of Filter-Müller without eurolaser.

Overview of the success story of Filter-Müller

Efficient application for special solutions

  • With the eurolaser system L3200 Conveyor, Filter-Müller has successfully switched from manual cutting to efficient, automated processing
  • Reduced error rate and high repeat accuracy thanks to machine processing - Productivity was increased in all areas
  • Flexible laser processing enables prototyping and, if required, the cutting of tailor-made solutions according to customer requirements
  • Even large quantities that previously could not be processed, are now a part of everyday work at Filter-Müller

The challenge of Filter-Müller: Efficient filter processing even for special applications

Filter-Müller is a trading company founded in 1978, specializing in the manufacture of high-quality filter solutions for a wide variety of applications such as in commercial vehicles, construction machinery, and in the industrial sector. One of the core competencies is the demanding air conditioning and ventilation business. In the ongoing optimization of our own products and their manufacture, new challenges constantly emerged. The demand from customers for tailor-made special solutions in order to react to market changes continues to rise. A tool had to be found that could process the wide range of products more efficiently and that could be used for tailor-made individual solutions.

eurolaser solution:

time-saving automation straight from the roll

eurolaser has found a solution for Filter-Müller that exactly meets the special requirements: the L-3200 Conveyor. Since the filter materials are delivered in rolls, the conveyor enables efficient and automated cutting. The eurolaser scores above all with its high repeat accuracy. One cut part is the same as another. Compared to other processing tools, laser systems offer a high degree of flecibility in the selection of contours and batch sizes. in this way, even small series and prototypes can be processed easily and effectively. After Filter-Müller switched from largely manual processing to laser processing, it was possible to save costly and time-consuming work steps and enable larger quantities.

To the laser system L-3200

Sustainable increase in productivity at Filter-Müller

Processing at Filter-Müller has become significantly more efficient with the purchase of the eurolaser system: automation processes massively accelerate the cutting of the roll material delivered and the time and cost savings are evident in every application. Filter-Müller is now able to deliver larger quantities quickly and inexpensively and has thus been able to open up new customer groups. In addition, the error rate has been significantly reduced. Filter-Müller particularly appreciates the outstanding flexibility and efficiency of its own eurolaser system. The robust system has increased the added value in production and is now an indispensable part of the operations.

Product samples:

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