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High quality cases and case systems

Since its foundation in 1992, W.AG Funktion und Design GmbH has developed into a specialist for cases and containers made of plastic. Initially working as a supplier of technical injection moulded parts, the development of its own case and container range only began a little bit later. Today, the W.AG cases impress with their unique and individual design. They are not purely storage cases, but effective sales tools. Functionality and design are combined extremely skillfully so that plastic cases become premium packaging - high quality product presentations for W.AG customers.

Manufacturing skills and much know-how

A lot of know-how is required to meet the high market requirements. In particular in foam processing and in printing and identification technology, the company's own manufacturing skills have been steadily expanded. Thus, this enabled W.AG to manufacture the foam inlays in addition to the actual cases and boxes. New design options were opened up. Modern printing processes, flexible design options, precisely fitting foam inlays and high functionality - these are the arguments which W.AG uses to promote its products. In order to be able to produce these diverse requirements, a wide-ranging and flexible production is needed.

eurolaser System at W.AG

W.AG has an extensive machinery, which has also included a 400 watt eurolaser XL-1600 since 2019. The powerful laser cutting system is used for foam processing. If required, the cutting edge can be easily fused using the thermal laser cutting process. Consequently, the foam inlays are more resistant and more durable in frequent use.

To the laser system XL-1600


Laser cutting of foams


Foam inlays ensure a clear arrangement and protection of the product. In addition, marketing objectives are pursued through the foams in the cases. Awareness, brand strategy and highlighting of important product features are some very essential requirements to achieve these goals. Besides, the possibility to apply markings and engravings in the foam next to the high precision of laser cutting seems advantageous. Thus, the flexible implementation of customer requests can perfectly be implemented.

Quote Mr Bertram Göb, CEO at W.AG:

"We were able to further increase our flexibility in foam processing with the eurolaser system. Our customers expect perfect results from us and they often have very individual requirements. By using the laser, we can meet these needs. The reliability and the consistently high quality in processing convince us every day anew. "

W.AG Funktion und Design GmbH
Geisa / Germany

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