Why is the laser source mounted at the height of the bar?

eurolaser mounts the laser source at the height of the beam, which makes the system different from other manufacturers in terms of appearance alone. But why is the laser souce attached here and not carried under the system or even movably on the bar? This position of the laser source has many benefits.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Vertical positioning of the mirrors prevents dirt from accumulating
  • Reduced wear and tear - dirt does not burn into the mirrors
  • Minimal cleaning effort
  • Continuously good beam quality and laser power thanks to consistently high reflection, on the whole working area
  • Reliable operation thanks to the durability of the components
  • Low maintenance costs, thanks to easy access to the laser source for the service engineer
  • Consistently high cutting quality and precision - no vibrations, as the weight of the laser source is not carried
  • Higher productivity through better speed and acceleration values

Why does eurolaser mount the laser source at the height of the bar?

When selecting the suitable position for the laser source, eurolaser took many factors into account. The placement of the mirrors is designed so that no contaminants settle that could cause the laser beam to burn in. For the user, this increases operational safety enormously. Among the benefits, the longevity, reduced costs and continuously high cutting quality should be mentioned here. This placement of the laser souce makes it easily accessible for the service technician and therefore the entire machine does not have to be dismantled in the event of service. Due to the low wear and tear of the eurolaser optics, hardly any parts need to be changed.

eurolaser supplies you with laser cutters that you can rely on.

Why don't we mount the laser source underneath the system?

If you are purely focused on aesthetics, you might ask yourself why the laser source is not hidden underneath the system to save space. If you take a closer look at this construction method, you will quickly notice the deficits. If the laser beam is first directed upwards via optics, these cannot be installed purely vertically, but must in some cases also be inclined or horizontal.
The consequence: dust and dirt fall on the mirrors and damage the surface each time the laser beam is activated. The optics heat up and can be destroyed. as the operating time continues, less and less laser power arrives at the target and the beam quality is reduced. Cleaning and replacing the mirrors take time and are costly. For these reasons, eurolaser decided to install it next to the system at the height of the bar.

  • Dust on the optics reduces the service life
  • Bad accessibility of the laser source during service calls
  • The cutting quality decreases with increasing operating time

Why don't we mount the laser source on the bar?

This structure is not suitable forprecise and fast work. The weight of a commercially available laser source starts at around 10 kg, but can, depending on the power, go well beyong 90 kg. More weight means less acceleration, speed and quality in the application. The movement system becomes imprecise. The larger mass that has to be accelerated and decelerated prevents filigree contours and precise cutting. Vibrations arise that become visible in the cut edge. On closer inspection, the laser system is robbed of all the properties that make it up.

  • Decresed precision
  • Low acceleration and processing speed

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