Do the laser systems fit through a standard door without additional modifications?

eurolaser systems are modular and can be dismantled if necessary

The delivery of large production machinery is often a challenge because not all machines can be easily transported through large hall gates and set up in spacious halls.  The delivery of your eurolaser system is very simple and uncomplicated.

Your advantages:

  • Easy, quick delivery
  • No temporary modifications to the building necessary
  • No special heavy-duty equipment such as a crane or low loader is required
  • Expandability of the laser systems even after purchase
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Due to the modular set-up the laser system can be disassembled into it's individual components and reassembled as required. eurolaser systems fit through any standard door and thus enable easy ground level delivery without having to increase transport distances or doors. Complicated reconstruction work such as opening window fronts or even roofs is usually not necessary. If there are any special features that need to be taken into account, all technical details will be discussed with you personally before installation. This enables us to prepare well in advance for all eventualities.

By the way, the modular design allows for expandability, so that you can adapt your laser system to new market requirements.

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