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Designer lamps cut with laser

Laser cutting of polyester

Individuality and style – these are the buzzwords that many customers prize so dearly. Classically elegant lamps give your living rooms a new sparkle.

Pleasant lighting is an essential element in the styling of any ambience. In our example the light is filtered softly through the polyester foil ensuring a feeling of comfort that is particularly well suited to bedrooms.

Laser cut lamp made of 30 pieses
Laser cut lamp made of 30 pieses
Detailed cutting edge
Detailed cutting edge
Design lamp of polyester
Design lamp of polyester

Cutting out the individual parts of the foil is child’s play thanks to the laser system. Assembly of the lamp is also made easier, because the smooth cut edges are automatically welded. What is more, maximum material usage is guaranteed due to the use of software-controlled positioning of the individual parts (nesting function). The amount of material wastage and leftover material are therefore reduced to a minimum.

Painstakingly created by hand in former times, it is now very simple to cut every imaginable contour directly with laser. No retooling, no cutting die production.

Tasteful designer elements, such as lamp shades, can be machined economically and efficiently using laser. You, too, can reap the benefits of the precision tool of the future!

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Your benefits at a glance:

  • Perfect cut edges
  • Material-saving processes thanks to nesting
  • Economical production of the smallest quantities
  • No tool wear, so results are always consistent

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