The eurolaser sustainability concept defines the principles of our sustainability strategy.

Environmental awareness and climate protection are declared goals for us. We deal with the future technology 'laser' every day and, as a leading supplier of laser cutting systems, we want to be at the forefront when it comes to protecting the environment and the climate.

Awareness for people and the environment

At eurolaser, we are always concerned about conserving resources and optimizing the environmental balance of our actions. We support efforts to reduce CO2 emissions worldwide and to promote the use of environmentally friendly technologies. As a leading manufacturer of laser cutting systems, we see it as our responsibility to make our contribution to the well-being of our employees, customers, partners, and climate protection.

Use of renewable energies

The operation of our offices and production halls in Lüneburg is secured by renewable energies. Our  photovoltaic system supplies up to 200 kW of solar energy. In combination with a battery system with 150 kWh capacity, the degree of self-sufficiency increases to up to 75%. Charging stations for e-mobility for our visitors and employees are also already built.

Minimized CO2 emissions

Through the comprehensive energy renovation of the office and production facilities, we were able to reduce CO2 emissions by about 65%. Our modern combined heat and power plant makes a significant contribution to environmental protection with up to 20 KW.

Regional suppliers and service providers

As a company that has been based in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Lüneburg for many years, we feel a strong commitment to the city and region. We therefore specifically rely on local networks for our suppliers and service providers. This principle allows us short delivery times and quick reactions to technical changes. We also ensure that our suppliers work in an environmentally friendly manner and reduce transport-related emissions through short delivery routes.

Durability of the products

High-quality components guarantee reliability, long service life and ensure our customers a profitable investment for years. It is not uncommon for our systems to be in use for 20 years or more. Our serial number 1 in Slovakia is still running. The modular design allows adaptations to changing market requirements at any time. We make sure that new developments, as far as technically feasible, can also be retrofitted to existing systems in a downward-compatible way. The robust workmanship and the well-balanced interaction of all individual parts ensure maximum production reliability and a high level of customer benefit, which is reflected in low failure rates and long maintenance intervals.

Sustainable use of materials and recyclable products

Being able to return recyclable materials to their system cycle is a decisive aspect of our responsible use of resources. Recycling has a high priority at eurolaser. We use almost exclusively single-variety materials for our systems and dispense with plastic and composite materials as far as possible. More than 90% of the materials used are easily separable and recyclable. Our shipping and packaging material consists mainly of renewable raw materials.

Extending the product life cycle

In most cases, we take back used laser systems and recondition them for daily use. In this way, we extend the service life of a system by up to 100%. Our technology is adapted to the latest standards and the energetic efficiencies are improved by replacing and renewing consumption-relevant parts and components.

Technical efficiency

Our products are designed for efficiency down to the last screw. We ensure constant operational readiness through our elaborate service and spare parts management and use only durable and maintenance-free laser beam sources. The CO2 lasers are maintenance-free and do not consume any energy-intensive technical gases. By using closed water circuits in the cooling systems, our systems do not consume any precious water.

Filtering of cutting emissions

Our sophisticated extraction concept removes flue gas emissions where they occur - directly above and below the cutting gap. Our multi-stage extraction and filter technology prevent fine dust and other particles from escaping into the ambient air. Suitable filters separate coarse and fine dust particles up to HEPA (H11) filter class. Hazardous substances, including those from the gas phase, are filtered out by activated carbon absorption filters, allowing cutting emissions to be released into the environment without any problems. This protects the environment as well as the machine operator and ensures that filter volumes and disposal costs are reduced.

Healthy working environment

We want our employees to feel comfortable at their workplaces. The bright and appealing architecture of the company building, including daylight offices, contributes to this. Here, we rely on modernly designed, ergonomic, and predominantly barrier-free workplaces. Every day, our employees enjoy the generously equipped lounge area with a small fish pond and waterfall. Fresh fruit and drinks are available free of charge and are supplemented by various sports activities. Regular consultations with our company doctor allow our employees to receive qualified health advice. With our water bubbler, we also reduce the use of 5,000 disposable plastic bottles every year.

Excellent training and further education

With the "ACADEMY" training concept, eurolaser offers a comprehensive range of further training courses. The workshops enable our customers and partner companies to optimally handle our laser systems. Training is also provided on legal requirements for occupational health and safety and operational safety. Investing in our junior staff is very important to us. Most of our trainees receive a job offer after successful completion. Many specialists and managers have started their career at eurolaser with an apprenticeship or a dual study program.

Social commitment

Social commitment concerns us all and companies, in particular, are challenged in many ways in this respect. eurolaser has been very committed to the education and training of children and young people from the very beginning. An extensive range of apprenticeships and internships in various professions and regular visits by school classes are part of the company's daily routine. In the course of regional promotion of social projects, we also regularly support regional aid organizations and projects.

Innovation & Sustainability

Sustainable development thrives on people who drive it forward. Thinking outside the box, adopting new perspectives, discovering the unknown, and questioning the old familiar - that is our path towards innovative work.

Global Compact

eurolaser strives for sustainable business development based on economic performance and corporate responsibility. By acting with integrity, fairness, and honesty, we do justice to the different interests of our customers and business partners.
Per the Code of Conduct listed by the Global Compact of the United Nations, eurolaser shows solidarity with the Code and declares:

  • that eurolaser, within its means, both respects and supports the protection of human rights and works for the elimination of all forms of forced labor, child labor, corruption, and discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.
  • that eurolaser takes initiatives to promote greater environmental awareness.
  • that eurolaser follows the precautionary principle in dealing with environmental issues and relies on renewable energies.
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