PERSPEX® CC undergoes laser testing

Laser cutting of acrylic glass

Cast acrylic is the perfect choice when it comes to appearance because of its high transparency, chemical resistance and UV stability. PERSPEX® CC is a continuous cast acrylic sheet. In contrast to the regular acrylic cell-casting process, PERSPEX® CC is produced between two horizontal, highly polished stainless steel belts. The syrup polymerises under constant pressure into an endless cast sheet as it passes a conveying distance of more than 100 meters. The outcome is conclusive with very low thickness tolerances and excellent optical properties. This makes PERSPEX® CC an indeal alternative for high-quality acrylic sheet products.

eurolaser has taken a closer look at this material. Its properties during laser processing were tested in eurolaser’s own application lab.

Benefits of cutting PERSPEX® CC with CO₂ lasers:

  • Smooth, crystal-clear cut edges in one operation (no flame polishing necessary) – even for inner contours.
  • No clamping or fixing of the acrylic sheets necessary
  • Less breakage and waste as laser cutting is a contactless process
  • No acrylic chippings – less waste and less cleaning required
  • Practically radius free laser cutting of inner contours for virtually all acrylic sheet thicknesses
  • Processing of acrylic glass with protective foil possible – with no material damage
  • No tool wear, producing a constantly high quality cut
Crystal clear, smooth cut edges in a single process
Crystal clear, smooth cut edges in a single process

Scope of application

PERSPEX® CC is the ideal material for applications which require excellent optical clarity, surface quality and exceptional thickness tolerance.

Advantages of PERSPEX® CC compared to PERSPEX® XT:

  • Better laser processing performance with insignificant melting lip
  • Uniform shrinkage in length and width when heated
  • Optimum sheet flatness even in thin thicknesses
  • Better resistance against chemical and/or mechanical  stresses

On request, we will send you a detailed report of the PERSPEX® CC laser cutting test.

Laser tested by eurolaser

eurolaser tested the following material from Lucite International for laser-cutting capability:

Certificate as PDF

PERSPEX® CC PERSPEX® CC                          Suitability for laser cutting: excellent suitable


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