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Laser cutting and engraving of cork

eurolaser developes special CO₂ laser cutter for nonmetals

CO2 laser systems are well-suited for the cutting and engraving of cork. Characterizing for contactless laser cutting are the filigree details. The sensitive cork material will not be damaged when laser cutting, so waste and clippings can be reduced.

What are the advantages of laser cutting of cork?

Laser cutting and engraving in just one step
Laser cutting and engraving in just one step
Filigree cuts without material damage
Filigree cuts without material damage
High-contrast engravings in high resolution
High-contrast engravings in high resolution
  • No chipping waste – thus, no cleaning of the machinery necessary
  • Laser cutting of extremely fine and practically radius-free contours
  • The cork material do not need to be clamped or fixed
  • Less breakage and waste due to contactless laser cutting
  • No tool wear – constantly high cutting quality
  • Only low laser power is required for cutting of cork

What added value have eurolaser cutter for cutting of cork?

  • Combined processing with router and CO2 laser possible on one machine
  • Unique variety of table sizes – suitable for all standard sheet formats
  • Automation functions for optimal utilisation of cutting systems
  • Special table construction for optimal cutting
Cork is ideally suitable for laser cutting and engraving

Material information for laser cutting and engraving of cork:

Cork is a cell layer harvested, for example, from the bark of the cork oak. This elastic, pliable and most especially fire-resistant material is used as a sealant in machines and other devices, as pin boards, floor covering, in wind instrument construction and as orthopaedic shoe inserts. As cork’s thermal conductivity is very low, it is also used as an insulating material. Due to its properties cork can be cut, engraved and marked easily. By means of the laser, a clear contrast with engravings will be created. The contactless processing makes laser cutting to an ideal separation process, as the cork sheet do not need to be fixed. In addition, there are no mechanical forces on the cork so that even the smallest contours can be cut precisely. When processing wood materials, there occurs a mild to strong oxidizing cutting edge during laser cutting. This means that a darkening cannot be avoided. By use of the correct choice of material, this effect can be minimised.

Applications for laser cutting and engraving with eurolaser systems:

  • Sealing – Cutting of cork
  • Coaster – Engraving of cork

Similar material descriptions for cork:


Cortex, wood, barks of the cork oak, bark of the Asian Amur cork tree, cell layer between epidermis and cortex

On eurolaser.tv you can watch videos about laser cutting, engraving, markingVideos of cutting and engraving can be found on eurolaser.tv

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