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eurolaser and 3A Composites

Specialists in the advertising industry - Visual communications

In collaboration with our partner 3A Composites, a world-leading manufacturer of board materials for visual communication in the advertising industry, eurolaser will show you just how flexibly innovative laser systems can be used. In combination with mechanical tools installed in parallel we will demonstrate the processing of the world-famous materials: DIBOND ®, FOREX ®, LUMEX ®, KAPA ®, DISPA ®, FOAMALITE ®, BANOVA ®and SMART-X ® on a single machine.

Laser, router and knife parallel on one machine
Laser, router and knife parallel on one machine

Three tools in parallel

The basis for our high-performance laser systems are the motion systems of world market leaders Zünd Systemtechnik AG from Switzerland, these systems having been put to the test 10,000 times. This enables eurolaser technology to provide you with maximum flexibility. For example, you can install numerous mechanical tools, such as knife-cutters or routers in parallel with the laser. Thus, in addition to the laser tool, the whole range of high quality Zünd tools is at your disposal.


Increasing flexibility

In order to demonstrate the flexibility of eurolaser technology, we will show you how you can use the same system for laser cutting, milling and cutting with a knife - without ever changing the tool! This is a valuable extension to your processing options all with a single system technology.

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Material name Description of material Processing tool
High-quality light plywood produced from FSC®-certified balsa sheets Laser
Lightweight paper sheets (laminated structure constructed from embossed formed paper) Knife
Flawlessly extruded A-PET and PET-G thermoplastic polyester sheets. Router
Aluminium composite sheet (Aluminium sheet with polyethylene core) Router
All-plastic sheet made of PVC Router
Lightweight foam board with polyurethane core Knife
PVC foam sheet Router
Lightweight all-plastic sheet (solid polystyrene surface with an expanded polystyrene core) Laser
Laser tested by eurolaser

eurolaser tested the suitability for laser cutting of the following 3A materials:

Certificate as PDF


Suitability for laser cutting: suitable

Certificate as PDF


Suitability for laser cutting: suitable

Certificate as PDF


Suitability for laser cutting: suitable

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