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Visual communications

SMART-X ® lightweight boards in laser tests

SMART-X ® is a lightweight board with excellent properties for various applications in visual communications. The boards boast bright white, smooth surfaces, making them suitable for both direct printing and adhesive decorative and lettering vinyls.

Typical applications are:

  • Sign construction
  • Displays
  • PoS / PoP
  • Graphic arts
  • Marketing
  • Exhibition stand design
  • Direct digital printing
  • Photo mounting
Store signage
Store signage
Advertising stand up display
Advertising stand up display
Stand up display of SMART-X ®
Stand up display of SMART-X ®

3A Composites and eurolaser

3A Composites and eurolaser worked closely to test  SMART-X ® in various thicknesses on its laser cutting ability. Innovative laser technology is already used in many businesses, leading to an ongoing expansion in its range of applications. In order to provide customers with even more relevant information, knowledge about these production methods is essential. By sharing experiences within this collaboration, the experts on both sides can extend their know-how in a targeted fashion.

Exact cut by CO₂ laser
Exact cut by CO₂ laser


SMART-X ® consists of 100% polystyrene, where no adhesive is used between the core and outer layers. This makes SMART-X ® 100% fully recyclable. The outer layers are made from weather and UV-resistant, shock-resistant high-impact polystyrene (HIPS). The core is made of foam polystyrene, making SMART-X ® especially lightweight. The all-plastic boards are moisture-resistant and can be used in temperatures of up to 70°C.

SMART-X ® features:

  • Excellent weather resistance
  • High rigidity at extremely low weight
  • Recyclable as an unmixed composite 100%
  • Excellent surface for direct digital printing
  • Available in large formats up to 2 metre width
  • Temperature resistant from -10°C to  70°C

For more information on SMART-X ®, please visit: www.smart-x.eu


Processing tests in the eurolaser applications lab showed that SMART-X ® can be cut really superbly with CO2 laser cutting systems. The precise and automatic processing opens up new application options for sophisticated advertising.

You can obtain a detailed report on the laser cutting test of SMART-X ® on request.

Advantages of laser processing with SMART-X ®:

  • No need to clamp materials
  • No chips, no dust
  • Precise and delicate cuts
  • Practically radius-free inner contours
  • Less waste
  • Consistent quality as there is no wear
3A Composites GmbH

3A Composites GmbH

3A Composites, a division of Schweiter Technologies, has approximately 3,000 employees worldwide. The group produces and markets composite materials for architecture, visual communications, transportation/industry and wind energy.

For further information please click the links below:

Laser tested by eurolaser

eurolaser tested the suitability for laser cutting of the following 3A materials:

Certificate as PDF


Suitability for laser cutting: suitable

Certificate as PDF


Suitability for laser cutting: suitable

Certificate as PDF


Suitability for laser cutting: suitable

Certificate as PDF


Suitability for laser cutting: excellent suitable

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