• Laser cutting - labelling - printing
    Three machining processes in a single operation
  • 360° Extraction technology
    Always perfect cut edges free of smoke deposits – everywhere on the table! Using our 360° extraction and material vacuum systems, we can provide the ideal solution for always achieving maximum cut quality and you work safely and efficiently.
  • Watchdog – Live Monitoring and Remote Diagnostics
    Our brand new ‘Watchdog’, an analysis tool unmatched in the laser branch, ensures you always have all the key functions of your laser system in full view.
  • Shuttle up!
    The new automatic Shuttle Table System. Higher productivity at the touch of a button.
  • Unbeatably dynamic!
    We use the motion control system of the global market leader Zund.
  • Use the best range of tools in parallel to the laser!
    Use the laser plus two mechanical tools in parallel on one machine. The entire high-quality range of Zünd tools is available for you.

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13.04.2016Bullet-resistant vests

Aramid fibres for maximum safety

These types of protective vests are intended to prevent the penetration of bullets and are used in civil as well as military areas. Special materials are required to absorb the kinetic energy on impact and distribute it across as wide a surface as possible. Aramid fibres are more

13.04.2016Store acrylic properly

Does the storage affect the cutting edge?

When processing acrylic glass (PMMA), the quality of the cutting edge is often the key criterion. However, many laser users do not know that the way one stores the materials can have a significant impact on the quality of the edge after it has been laser cut.


13.04.2016Fascinating interior decoration

Case Study: Création Baumann from Switzerland

Création Baumann has made a name for itself worldwide with special designs and high-quality textiles for interior decoration. The company stands for sensory cosiness and made-to-measure curtain systems that fulfil the highest aesthetic requirements. As well having a good feel more

09.03.2016Cleaning the Shuttle Table System

Video tutorial on the correct care of your laser system

Regular care and maintenance of your laser system is very important for ensuring optimum cutting results. In our video tutorial, we will show you step-by-step how to clean the shuttle table of your laser system correctly (current model series – G3/S3). Ensure a high degree of more

09.03.2016Technical adhesive foils

No sticking during laser cutting

Technical adhesive foils are used in a multitude of different sectors, such as the automotive industry, for example. Producing the foils with a knife is a highly complex and laborious process. Small bits often stick to the knife due to the double adhesive layer and this in turn more

09.03.2016The latest edition of Laserpoint is now available!

Interesting articles all about laser technology

Exhaust technology, pick and place robots and the new ink printer module. Enjoy these and other articles and the latest news from eurolaser.


17.02.2016Cast vs. extruded acrylic

Material behaviour during laser processing

There are two different methods of producing acrylic glass that must be taken into consideration if optimum results are to be achieved during CO2 laser processing. There is cast (GS) acrylic glass and extruded (XT) acrylic glass. However, the material behaviour more

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