Laser cutting, laser engraving and laser marking of adhesive films in the label manufacturing

Custom-fit by laser cutting machines from eurolaser

  • Clean and perfect cuttings- no rework necessary
  • Inner contours with the same high edge quality without overhead
  • Complete exhaust and filtering of cutting emissions possible
  • No fixing of material necessary due to contactless and forceless processing
  • Open software structure (file formats e.g. dxf, ai, pdf)
  • Precisely fitting laser cutting especially of printed materials due to optical recognition system
  • Contactless cutting - no flying up in shivers
  • No cleaning of knives necessary - no sticking of parts after cutting
Precise laser cutting and laser marking of labels and films
Laser marking of labels

Contact-free cutting of labels

You want to produce labels fast, flexibly and cost-efficiently? Then look no further. You can cut the labels precisely before as well as after printing (with registration marks for visual recognition system) without the need to convert the system anyway. With the exact laser setting you can cut the self-adhesive layer without damaging the base material (liner).


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