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Visolaser GmbH, which is based in Uelzen, Germany, has been producing high-quality products from a wide range of materials since 2001. In addition to  acrylic and wooden products, the company's product portfolio focusses in particular on foil and metal machining. The machining services the company offers are predominantly based on laser technology and Visolaser’s main area of specialisation is laser cutting and laser marking services.

Heiner Fricke, managing director of Visolaser GmbH

 Heiner Fricke, managing director of Visolaser GmbH:

'We make full use of the potential offered by light! Our eurolaser L-1200 allows us to cut materials with a thickness of up to 40mm, and depending on the its characteristics, with machining widths of up to 1.800mm.'

Visolaser's state-of-the-art technolog also allows it to laser mark all kinds of metals and plastics. The use of extremely fine laser beams ensures that all of Visolaser's marking is performed to the highest precision. This ensures that all of Visolaser's laser-marks are extremely accurate, which is particularly important when laser-marking scales and codes.

The eurolaser's technology allows Visolaser to offer its customers high-quality and highly-precise cutting services. When doing so, customers can either chose to provide their own material and just use Visolaser's contract cutting service, or to buy ready laser-cut products (e.g. made of wood or acrylic) from Visolaser.

To the laser system L-1200

Visolaser also designs and produces high-quality acrylic and crystal glass products. These can either be custom-made, one-off products or serially-produced and can include anything from prize cups and trophies to advertising media. Visolaser furthermore offers 2D and 3D glass photo lasering services and produces three-dimensional products made of crystal glass using the company's 3D programming technology or customer's data.

Laser marked acrylic

Fast response times - High manufacturing quality - Fast turnaround times

Visolaser offers its customers high-quality engravings that will captivate their audience irrespective of the shape and form of the underlying advertising media or industrial products. Visolaser's contract laser engraving services comprise all of the services of a full-service-provider for customers to choose from according to their needs. Its well-honed logistics services ensure that items' are transported and delivered without delay and a high level of quality assurance.

Double layer acrylic plastic labels

Visolaser also specialises in the production of double layer acrylic plastic labels. These labels are produced by removing the upper layer of the acrylic sheet by laser, which results in a permanent label that cannot be manipulated or removed without causing damage. These high-performance labels are tamper-proof, abrasion-proof and heat resistant, acid and base resistant, UV resistant and weather-proof.

Visolaser – Your specialist for laser machining.

Visolaser GmbH

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