Leolux Meubelfabriek B.V.

Premium class designer furniture

The Leolux designer furniture factory located in the Netherlands sells premium class designer furniture. Tables, or rather complete table systems, are on offer in addition to seating furniture and floor coverings. Established as early as 1934, it soon moved away from the production of simple upholstered furniture to specialise in ultra modern high-quality furniture designs -  all inspired by Danish and Italian design. Sweeping organic shapes, a wide selection of leather and fabrics as well as a large range of colour and product variations are the outstanding features of the furniture maker.

Leolux showroom

Thanks to its many years of experience, Leolux can now boast an eminently satisfied circle of art lovers among its clientele. The sophisticated design clearly sets Leolux apart from its competitors. Leolux has always stood for modern and innovative furniture design.

Its mission statement: 'to make sitting a pleasant experience'

Potential clients can view the latest collections and try them out in so-called design centres, its own showrooms. Great importance is placed upon expert consulting. This ensures that every client finds the piece of furniture that suits him/her best. It is part of the Leolux policy to offer works of art created by its own in-house artists in addition to artistic furniture. These works can then be arranged to match the furniture so that clients acquire their furnishings as an integrated whole. Visitors can watch the furniture being made in Venlo, in the Via Creandi (Street of Creation = Leolux visitor centre).

Tool of the future

Premium class designer furniture

As the focus is not only on individual and filigree details but most especially on quality, the owners of Leolux put their trust in a laser system from eurolaser.

The laser system has been specially adapted to meet the requirements of the furniture factory, so that very wide materials measuring anything up to 2.20 m can be processed. The size of a processing system is particularly decisive in the seating furniture branch. Leolux cuts all its MDF parts with the aid of its eurolaser laser system. So chippings, soiling and blunt tools are therefore just 'water under the bridge'. Automatic interweaving means that the MDF boards can be used to the full thus reducing waste to a minimum. Laser is a radius-free tool so any desired contour outlines can be cut without having to take tool limitations into consideration.

Huub Rademakers, Technical Director at Leolux:

‘Leolux produces designer furniture to order in Venlo. We not only need craftsmanship and expertise in order to produce all possibilities quickly and efficiently, we also need an awful lot of high-tech. The eurolaser laser system is particularly important for Leolux in both the Product Development Department and for the production of small production parts. Fast, efficient and easy to use.’

To the laser system XL-1200

Product samples:

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Leolux Meubelfabriek B.V.
Venlo / The Netherlands

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