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Restoration of wooden element

Anybody specialised in renovation work knows just how much effort goes into the cost-intensive restoration of historical elements of facades and fences. The replacement of weathered wooden components is carried out for the most part meticulously by hand.  But the ‘Laser Workshop’, a woodworking specialist, has embarked on a new path. It produces customised wooden parts such as fences, balcony cladding and small gifts individually according to customer specifications.

Laser processing of wood with 20 mm thickness

To take one rather extreme example, a complete garden fence was produced from 20 mm larch wood panels. A design software was used to format the panels using sketches that had been provided. Once the wooden panels had been placed on the laser processing table, machining was carried out without any material contact and soundlessly, as if by magic. A laser cutting system from eurolaser was used for the production. Thanks to this modern manufacturing process the ‘Laser Workshop’ is able to work both

more efficiently and more economically. This results in a significant time advantage compared to traditional manufacturing methods. The use of laser is the ideal choice even where ornate wooden parts that have rotted have to be replaced 1:1. Thanks to its state-of-the-art laser system the ‘Laser Workshop’ was able to simplify its production process, which of course benefits its customers because this means that it can offer its products at more attractive prices in many cases.

Benefits of eurolaser technology for wood processing

Natural woods, plywood and MDF can be cut efficiently and engraved at the same time with the innovative laser system from eurolaser. Even the most filigree contour outlines and recesses with diameters of less than 0.1 mm are child’s play for the laser. Such a machining application would be inconceivable with a milling machine. This type of forceless machining does not require any clamping of the basic material, so the wooden surface is not damaged. There is no chip formation with laser processing – a benefit that deserves highlighting because this means there is absolutely no need for any post processing and it renders cleaning around the machine a thing of the past.

To the laser system M-1200

Automation due to Remote Operation

Automatisierung durch Remote Operation

In order to attain the maximum level of automation in its machining process the 'Laser Workshop' uses an optional automation technology that has stood the test of time – Remote Operation. What does Remote Operation mean? This option helps the user to drastically minimise processing time on the laser table. The cutting system is designed for alternating operation, i.e. the cutting table is divided into two machining areas.  While the laser is still cutting on the one side, the operator can safely remove the finished parts on the other side. Once the cutting process is finished, the sides are simply changed and production goes on uninterrupted. This process reduces idle times to a minimum so that the system can be operated at virtually full capacity.

Professor Ernst W. Nowak, managing director of Laser workshop

Equipped in this way, the 'Laser Workshop' was able to manufacture more than 20 elaborate fence elements in just one hour. This would have taken much, much longer had it been carried out by hand.

Professor Ernst W. Nowak, managing director of Laser workshop:

'Our worldwide research via the Internet brought us a lot of valuable information about the laser systems available on the market (…), but only eurolaser was able to meet our requirements to the full and in an outstanding quality.'

Garden fence of larch wood panels


Laser technology is gaining acceptance in an ever increasing number of areas and will play a decisive role in many manufacturing processes in future as well. It’s good to be ready and well-equipped for tasks to come. The 'Laser Workshop' has recognised this trend and is now in a position to answer the challenge of the competition, both today and in the future.

Laserwerkstatt Nowak
St. Margarethen / Austria

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