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Is there anyone who does not enjoy strolling around shopping arcades and going home pleased with the purchases they have made? But why do we prefer shopping in some shops rather than others and why do certain products attract us more than others?

The secret lies in the presentation of the products – an area in which Effekt Grafik Werbeträger GmbH & Co. KG is a specialist.

Dior Counter Display

We know very well that each of us is confronted with thousands of advertising messages every day. These are exposed to fierce competition where attracting the attention of customers is concerned.

This is exactly the point where our know-how comes in
Our quality and more than 45 years of experience have made Effekt Grafik internationally renowned in the screen and digital printing branch. Apart from this, our company has built up a reputation for individual POS and display solutions far beyond its national borders. Whether as a strategic partner and a source of inspiration for leading international chains or for renowned brands we will provide you with promotionally effective and long-lasting POS solutions that are adapted individually to your needs. By creating 3D display ideas we show your products in a favourable light.

Tuncay Kezer



“We make sure that your customers reach inside your shelves.“ Tuncay Kezer, Sales Manager, Effekt Grafik guarantees.

"How do we manage? By offering our full-service package to you.“

Full service package: Briefing & Consulting, Design, Implementation & Processing, Packaging & Delivery, After Sales Service

After the production and delivery our spectrum does not end by far.
A strict after sale service completes our extensive service package perfectly. This is how we develop individual, ultra-modern all-round solutions, entirely according to your needs. From the first idea up to its technical implementation and installation we address to your special requirements.

Our partners – our strength!


Our partners – our strength

Thanks to an international and inter-disciplinary network of partner companies the complete range of sales requirements can be met, so that shop-in-shop systems, shopfittings and fair graphics do not pose any problem. Whether wood, metal, glass or plastic is used or the diverse possibilities offered by LED technology: the promotional and communicational ideas can be given a stylish appearance.

The eurolaser system – exactly the right choice for exclusive displays

Since the end of the nineties Effekt Grafik has been using a eurolaser system for acrylic glass processing. The reasons for this are obvious: absolutely clear and smooth cutting edges on any desired contour can be achieved with laser in just one job setup and the results, in cutting as well as detailed engravings, are always impressive.

Laser cutting system XL-1600


In addition contact-free cutting with laser offers further benefits because it ensures very simple loading and unloading of the material. The workpiece no longer needs to be clamped or fixed so preparation time drops to almost zero. The surface of the material is not damaged or soiled because there are no chippings.

To the Laser system XL-1600

LOREAL Clarisonic Display



Exclusive displays for the cosmetic branch, large commercial groups, manufacturers of sports articles and many, many others are produced with the laser system. Other fantastic effects can be achieved with the use of screen printing or digital printing. Décors, colours and logos enhance the appearance and give the displays that special touch.

Ulrich Legerski

Ulrich Legerski, Managing Director at Effekt Grafik GmbH & Co. KG: “Thanks to the laser technology by eurolaser, Effekt Grafik is in a position tomeet the most demanding customer requirements with a high degree of qualityand accuracy.“

The combination of fresh ideas, precious materials and high-quality printing processes all add up to create tailor-made acrylic products for every occasion.

Product samples:

Product sample 1
Product sample 2


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