From constant tool change to complete laser solution

The production of welding accessories and work protection at WKS required the use of various tools for rounding, punching and embossing. In particular, the production of punching tools and regular tool changes were time-consuming and costly. The introduction of the XL-3200 cutting system from eurolaser now combines all work steps on just one machine for processing PET-G for face shields or job shop orders, for example.

WKS success story at a glance

Efficient production of series and single pieces

  • With the XL-3200 eurolaser system, WKS has succeeded in manufacturing single-item production and small batches in addition to series production, without sacrificing profitability
  • Individual steps in production have been minimized – the laser automates many work steps, reduces effort and increases efficiency
  • Thanks to minimal tool costs for new production parts, fixed costs remain manageable
  • The laser system is characterized by versatility and modularity and can be expanded or upgraded by WKS as required – Optimum future viability

The challenge of WKS: Increasing flexibility in production

Until now, a die cutter was used for production, which required a tool change for every job. A solution had to be found that was not only convincing in terms of flexibility and expandability, but above all in terms of cost-effectiveness. WKS is particularly interested in the production of small batches, which is not possible with the die cutter, and plans in the long term to link production directly to their own web store.

eurolaser solution:

XL-3200 for processing PET-G full sheets

Together with WKS, eurolaser has found a solution that exactly meets the specific requirements: the XL-3200 with Remote Operation. Since WKS primarily processes PET-G as solid sheet, the large system is ideally suited and cuts the material without chip development and with consistently high cutting quality. Remote Operation offers the possibility to divide the processing table into two areas: The loading and unloading zone and the machining area. The operator loads the system in parallel with the cutting operation. The result: no downtime. Since the laser takes over the tasks of die cutter, guillotine shear and embossing die, there is no need for tooling set-up times. The laser cuts any contour and is economical even for the smallest batch sizes. WKS thus saves costs and time and can expand its own product range.

To the laser system XL-3200

New applications for the laser cutter at WKS every day

“The eurolaser saves us a lot of work in production. Previously, we had to cut the PET-G sheets to size with the guillotine shears before further processing and then round off the corners. Only then could holes be punched and we could add the embossing or the date stamp. Today, we don’t have to constantly change the stamp, but simply create marks digitally using the laser cutter. All work steps take place on just one machine!

says Dipl. Ing Axel Lang, Managing Director of WKS Aalen. The laser system has proven to be a real efficiency miracle. New applications are found every day. Fast and flexible, yet unimaginably versatile – With the help of the laser system, manufacturing processes can be rethought and easily implemented.

Product samples:


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