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Innovative connection of function and design

Creative ideas and unique products from Werkhaus Design + Produktion GmbH have never ceased impressing customers since its foundation in the year 1992. The company started out on its path to success with the manufacture of optical toys, such as the kaleidoscope. Thanks to its creative team, the range of products has grown continuously and there is still no end in sight. In addition to toys, the company now also focuses on the manufacture of filing systems, home accessories and gift items.

Its portfolio today even includes complete fair stands, shelving systems and office equipment as well as furniture with ingenious details in many multi-coloured designs. Customers love these products not only because they are light, but also because of their flexibility and functional design. The basic materials used for its diverse and extensive range of products include MDF, plywood and partly even acrylic or solid wood.

Right from the very beginning the family-run business has set great store on maintaining a sense of environmental responsibility and social commitment. So it goes without saying that only top quality materials and pollutant-free paints are ever used in its production. The sustainability of its goods is guaranteed by a production that is 100% ‘Made in Germany’.

Interlocking instead of screws

It is not only the creative design of the Werkhaus products that fascinates customers, but most especially the way they are put together. A unique connecting system in which rubber rings are used to transform the individual parts into a sturdy product is the trade mark of Werkhaus. The connecting system is protected by copyright and the corresponding marking on all articles renders them unmistakable. The standardised connecting system not only makes it easier to buy extensions and replacements, it also reduces packaging and shipping volumes to a minimum. This system makes it extremely easy to put Werkhaus products together and dismantle them again. The innovative connecting system has already received a multitude of awards.

Innovative product ideas and precision in production

Accuracy of fit of the individual parts is vital for the Werkhaus connecting system. So of course these must be produced with maximum precision - an ideal field of application for eurolaser systems.

The company relies on laser technology in its production in order to meet the quality demands of its customers to the full. Meanwhile, the company has a total of seven laser systems from eurolaser in operation. Wear-free laser operation with its high level of repeat accuracy enables high output in consistent quality. Thanks to the precision of the laser system, all shapes are cut out along the print contour with the utmost accuracy. As laser processing produces no chippings and edges need no post processing, the individual parts are ready for use immediately after cutting.

To the laser system M-800

Our pencil boxes in the eurolaser bus design were also produced with the friendly support of Werkhaus. Such products are the impressive proof of how Werkhaus Design + Produktion GmbH realises creative ideas with modern technology. We are very happy with this inspiring cooperation and wish Werkhaus every success for the future!

Holger Danneberg, founder of Werkhaus:

'Laser technology from eurolaser has fascinated and given us the inspiration for new ideas since 1998. And best of all, laser subsequently transforms these in part wild ideas into real products, day-in-day-out round the clock. It is simply brilliant!'

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Werkhaus Design + Produktion GmbH
Bad Bodenteich / Germany

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