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Subcontracting in the field of printing and further processing

As early as the 1980s Weidling GmbH from Berlin had already begun to make a name for itself as a specialist for industrial markings using etching and other various printing technologies. As time passed the range of services was extended and new technologies were taken on board. Investments were made in laser technology as well as in printing machines. On the one hand laser as a "tool" offers the benefits of contactless machining and on the other it opens up entirely new perspectives for innovative products.

Weidling decided to extend its printing portfolio to include the further processing of printed products. In the meantime Weidling, as a classic subcontractor, has gained a good reputation that spans many branches of industry and has built up a first-class customer base. Whether as an outsourcing partner for various automobile suppliers, as a partner in the machine building sector or a marker for the energy, medical or telecommunications branch – the company from Berlin offers a multitude of solutions. Even the production of advertising material for events such as trade fairs and congresses is all part of the range of products on offer today.

The multitude of possible applications means that experience can be transferred from one branch to another time and time again, so Weiding now has an expertise at its disposal that spans many different branches of industry. Although customer requirements are always different and often even new, they normally have one thing in common: a high demand on quality and 'just-in-time' delivery.

Weidling is in a position to meet these market demands thanks to its extremely well-balanced and modern machine park. In the meantime laser technology has taken on a key role here. On the one hand for permanent markings of all types, but most especially for the accurate cutting of already printed materials. That is why the eurolaser system has become indispensable in the production halls.

Quality assurance takes top priority in the company. This was the reason for installing an integrated management system that continues to develop actively and is monitored by means of annual audits. Care must be taken to use materials responsibly, especially where dyes, varnishes and solvents are concerned. These are used sparingly taking environmental issues into consideration in order to ensure sustainable handling of natural resources. An environmental management team makes sure that virtually all materials are fed back into the recycling loop.

These targets reveal clearly that Weidling GmbH is a future-oriented company not simply due to its state-of-the-art laser technology.

Christian Weidling, general manager at Weidling GmbH:

'The eurolaser system functions reliably and has been doing so for over ten years now. Its fields of application are more than manifold, allowing extremely flexible jobhandling. What is more, the quality of the cutting results is always very high. It is thespeedy and competent advice we receive that makes eurolaser a reliable partner. Iwould definitely decide for eurolaser again, just as my father did before me.'

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Weidling GmbH
Berlin / Germany

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