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Global manufacturer of self-adhesive system solutions

Many private customers know tesa ® mainly through the self-adhesive tape that is used daily in offices, homes and gardens. The name tesafilm ® is so well known, that it has even become one of the few brand names to make it into the definitive dictionary of the German language: Duden. But the company tesa ® SE has a lot more to offer. With more than 7000 products developed and manufactured there, the company is active in a wide range of markets worldwide. Over three quarters of its total turnover comes from special system solutions for industrial customers.

tesa ® sees itself as an industrial partner, and works with customers to analyse production processes in order to create tailor-made solutions for improving efficiency or optimising the end product. The aim is to reduce costs, optimise processes and thereby improve end products for industrial customers in numerous sectors.

The range of applications for special adhesive tapes is immense. It ranges from the printing and paper industries, via precision die-cuts for the precise adhesion of electronic components in mobile phones, digital cameras or LCD screens, to counterfeit-proof, laser-etched labels.

Among the most important target markets for the company, which has its head offices in Hamburg (Germany), are the automobile sector and the electronics industry. Modern cars can contain up to 50 different products which are manufactured by tesa ®. Since 2010, tesa ® has been using a eurolaser system for prototyping in its Converting Center in Hamburg. On the laser system, new and existing products are tested to see whether they can withstand the use of a laser, and tailored for test purposes.

To the laser system M-800

Since 2011, tesa ® and eurolaser have further extended this collaboration. In close collaboration, even before being officially released onto the market, many innovative products have been tested for laser cutting capacity in the eurolaser applications laboratory. Innovative laser technology is increasingly being introduced to the market, both for prototyping and for production. In order to provide customers with relevant information, knowledge of these production methods is indispensable. By exchanging experiences, the experts from both companies are able to increase their know-how in specific, relevant areas. Following successful test results, the products tested were certified by eurolaser.

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