Shape the world around you.

Stykka is a revolutionary new platform that prints furniture for businesses.
We harnessed the power of automated industrial manufacturing to build a system that makes it easy to print exactly the furniture you need. Using free online 3d programs and our patented “building block design system” you can easily design furniture exactly like you want it - or you can tweak one of +100 templates made by leading designers from all over the world.

Stykka is the future of furniture.

Joining Danish design and smart-manufacturing, we enable you to create your own furniture that perfects and optimizes your work space. All Stykka products are made from carefully selected parts. We spend a lot of time curating the best, most versatile parts for our designs.

Our adaptive manufacturing platform enables us to print custom furniture for you. Perfect-fit furniture, built to last a lifetime, tailored to your space.

Designed in Copenhagen, made in Denmark.

"I have to thank you so much for making such an amazing machine. Our eurolaser has been the backbone of our cutting service and have helped pave the way for us to grow our business and software development. The system just keeps going and going for more than +16000 hrs. Along with my espresso machine, its one of my all time favorite things in my life :-)

So a warm, heartfelt thank you for making wonderful products."

Jarl Vindnæs 
Co-Founder at Stykka

Modern processing methods

Our powerful laser systems are designed for use in both craftwork and industry. The modular construction with high-quality components guarantees quality for the most demanding applications.

The CO2 laser machine XL-3200 with a processing area of 2,270 x 3,200 mm (89.3" x 126") is the largest model of the XL series. The huge dimensions allow the processing of big-size materials. The high acceleration of the optical head releasing the laser beam assures best efficiency even on this table size.

To the laser system XL-3200

   Product samples:

Find more samples at flickr.


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