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Laser cutting of adhesive tapes

Seyffer GmbH is a medium-sized, owner-managed family business based in Mannheim. The company's core range includes quality products in the areas of adhesive technology, surface treatment and occupational safety for manufacturing companies in various industries. Seyffer GmbH uses cutting technology from eurolaser for precise and flexible adhesive tape production.


Simone Gerhart, Production Manager:

'Laser technology with its various possibilities caught our attention at a very early stage. In 2019 while upgrading our production and preparing it for future tasks, we decided on a Eurolaser. At the end, the support and customer care, as well as the very good functions of the laser, which match our customer requirements, finally convinced us. Today, we can't imagine our production without the laser, due to the possibility of reacting precisely to customer requests and requirements.'

Adhesive laboratory for customised solutions

Upon request, the Seyffer team develops concrete application solutions for complete system designs, delivery concepts and product innovations according to specific customer requirements. The company even operates its own adhesive laboratory for this purpose. For the realisation of suitable solutions, adhesive tape assembly plays a decisive role. Both standard and special adhesive tapes are used in the range for applications in industry, trade and commerce.


Precision and flexibility in manufacturing

With modern, high-performance machines and experienced specialists, Seyffer processes high-quality materials. These include single-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes as well as sealing tapes. The adhesive tapes can be made up to any size and individually according to customer requirements. The well-balanced machinery ensures the fast and flexible production and delivery service.


Special advantages of laser cutting

The eurolaser system impresses in daily use with its wide range of applications and high precision. This is particularly important because complex and very fine die-cut parts are processed in adhesive tape production. 

It is expected that there is no burr formation and that the cut edges are clean.

In this way, filigree die-cut parts in a wide variety of geometries are created using non-contact laser cutting. The eurolaser laser system also makes it possible to produce smaller quantities economically. 

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Seyffer GmbH

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