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Laser cutting systems from eurolaser for processing high-tech fabrics

The development and manufacture of technical fabrics has been the speciality of SAATI Deutschland GmbH in Raesfeld for more than 50 years. From the original weaving mill, in which the first mail bags were made from synthetic yarn, continuous growth has seen the development of a fully fledged company with highly modern technical equipment,a production facility for the processing of fabrics, and its own laboratory for product development and quality assurance. The company has made a name for itself throughout the world with its high quality level and flexible, customised solutions.


Over the years, SAATI has created thousands of different solutions, sometimes to launch on the market, other times to dedicate to a customer’s specific needs. The high-tech product range includes filter and sieve fabrics, support and carrier fabrics, insect protection fabrics and greenhouse covers, bath fabrics, spacing fabrics and double fabrics.

All fabrics are supplied not only on the roll, but also according to customer specification in the form of pre-cut or stamped parts, and sewn or welded. Widely differing fabrics are shaped using the latest sowing, stamping, cutting and welding techniques. In this way, filter cloths are produced for filter presses, covers for drum filters, filter segments for horizontal and vertical disc filters, special filter strips, sieve bags and hoses, conveyor belts, silo inserts for bulk goods of all kinds, insoles for shoes of all kinds - there are virtually no limits to the sizes and designs. The repertoire extends from the smallest lint filters via acoustic covers for loudspeaker systems to the welding of several layers of different saran® fabrics, to name just a few examples. The wide range makes it clear that SAATI seeks innovative as well as individual solutions together with the customer.

The new laser technology enables the production of precise cutting contours as well as clean preparation of cutting patterns, even those that can no longer be produced manually. The computer-controlled cuts are of consistent, reproducible cut quality with clean edge sealing that prevents fraying of the fabric. With the automatic material feed, the textiles can be fed directly from the roll to the laser processing and then forwarded to a removal table after laser processing. With a high connection accuracy after a material feed cycle, virtually endless cuts can be made. The cutting patterns and technical drawings provided by the customer are read into the system and the eurolaser system cuts to the exact contour based on these specifications.

To the laser system L-3200

Various steps, such as the previously essential production of paper patterns on a 1:1 scale, can now be dispensed with. As can the laborious transferring of dimensions onto the fabric. Compared with the time required for manually manufactured cloths, production quantities can be tripled with the L-3200.

Thomas Brockmeier is impressed by laser material processing:

'The laser is great to work with! The very fact that the new system is equipped with edge control makes the work much easier compared to the previous system. The suction system is also much more effective and quieter. The fabric lies clean and smooth on the cutting table, so there is less waste.'

SAATI Deutschland GmbH
Raesfeld / Germany

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