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A model says more than a thousand words. An architectural model is either a simple or exact scale replica of a planned building and helps one to actually visualise what is in a draft plan. These three-dimensional physical objects make it possible for the client to understand and assess spatial relationships at a glance. The draft models are usually easier to comprehend than purely two-dimensional drawings, apart from the fact that lay persons often have problems understanding technical drawings anyway.

The decisive factor for creating a perfect model is to start off by understanding a client's needs and expectations. Bringing the client’s objectives then to reality is the declared aim of Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Rust. This requires a high degree of competence and imaginative power that he has gained in over 20 years of experience in constructing models. His service company is today in a position to realise the wishes and ideas of its clients flexibly thanks to its team of qualified experts and state-of-the-art technology. Of course professionalism, attention to detail and teamwork play a decisive role here.

Rust offers everything the client needs, from the first enquiry to planning and right on through to realisation and delivery of all services. This includes service on site, either as a presentation or directly on the exhibition grounds. The clients for the projects come from the fields of industry, advertising, event organisation, architecture, exhibition stand construction and object design. Different materials are used for the realisation, such as wood or acrylic and other plastics that complement each other in perfect and artful harmony. Realisation of a client's core ideas requires extensive talks and detailed consultation and of course skilled craftsmanship. Machines are also needed to give the materials the right shape.

Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Rust, holder of Rust-Modell and Rust-Kunststoff:

'The outstanding feature of the laser system from eurolaser is its great versatility. Laser can be used to cut the finest details in wood for example, where other processing methods just break the material. Laser is particularly suited to the processing of acrylics. Clear, smooth edges can be seen in acrylic that has been cut with laser, even the most filigree inner contours. And excellent results can be achieved with raster engraving.'

To the laser system XL-1200

Realising innovative ideas and project expectations with perfect models –
a challenge that Rust is only too glad to take up!

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RUST Modellbau + Kunststofftechnik

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