eurolaser's first key account!

WOW! Our very first customer, who bought a laser cutting system from eurolaser in 1994, is now only asking for it to be serviced. But no more than that – the machine is still producing top quality. But who is the first eurolaser customer, and what do they produce? The company is called ‘Roza’, is based in Slovakia and has been producing artistic products in natural wood for over 20 years now. Stylish and attractive signs, keyrings and even wood miniatures and toys are made with technical skill.


Especially at Christmas and Easter, ornate gifts are in high demand. In the company's history, a total of around 3 to 4 million products have been manufactured. The unique wooden products are distributed all over the world, starting in Europe, Asia, to Australia, Japan and South Africa.Together with 5 employees, the engineer and managing director Roman Zachar has been manufacturing with the eurolaser system since 1994, and with the same quality as on the first day!

True to the motto ‘partner for your success’, the P-1200 laser system from eurolaser forms the mainstay for the company and makes their huge success possible. The sophisticated quality of eurolaser has paid off at Roza. After all, even after being used for such a long time, there's no end in sight for production. After the maintenance was carried out, Mr Zachar could continue production straight away. eurolaser GmbH wishes Roza and Mr Zachar all the best and would like to thank them for being such great associates!

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Brezno / Slovakia

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