Rembrands B.V.

Impressive acrylic advertising products

Rembrands has been developing and producing high-quality plastic products for the point of sale at brands, retailers and trade fairs for more than 30 years. Their retail solutions ensure that products are presented in the best possible way at all times. This includes shop signage, counter displays, floor displays, signage or window displays. The aim is for every product presented to leave a lasting positive impression on the viewer in a short space of time. A first-class, high-quality appearance is therefore of crucial importance to Rembrands.

Quote Minet Woudstra:

'In 1994, we were the first one here in Holland to buy a eurolaser. Before that we did everything by hand and when we saw how the laser works, it was perfect for us. It is much more efficient and a lot faster!'


Manufacturing solutions for outstanding promotional products

The eurolaser system XL-3200 with a working area of 2270 x 3200 mm enables Rembrands to effortlessly process solid sheets up to 25 mm thick. The advantage of laser cutting acrylic is that the material can be processed to a high standard. The result is a smooth cut without any oxide formation. Unevenness is therefore not an issue. Thanks to this high-quality, burr-free result, polishing is no longer necessary. In addition, the eurolaser solution ensures minimal waste thanks to optimised nesting. In this way, eurolaser combines all essential aspects of economical acrylic processing with its systems.

Examples of products:

Rembrands B.V.

 Heerenveen/ The Netherlands


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