Probo Sign B.V.

Fulfillment partner for print service providers and signmakers

Probo Sign B.V. is one of the leading manufacturers in large format printing in the digital printing sector and has specialised as a service provider for professional resellers. The product range extends from outdoor and indoor advertising, flags, stickers and posters to interior and design applications. The company produces a wide range of applications, from very small to extremely large products, and its portfolio now includes more than 250 materials.

Quote Erwin van der Sloot:

'The large-format eurolaser systems fit our requirements perfectly. Quality in cutting and fast delivery are very important to our customers. Both can be achieved with the eurolaser systems. The cutters run reliably, even in multi-shift operation, and process job after job with excellent cut quality.'



Print & Cut

From the very beginning, production has been at the centre of Probo's corporate philosophy. Probo has always seen itself as a print producer. This then developed into the e-commerce sector, so that today all orders are received completely digitised. Print runs of between one and several thousand copies are delivered.

Printed textiles with a lot of potential

The market for textiles in particular is a strong pillar for Probo and continues to grow. Especially in the area of soft signage and interiors, there are still many opportunities to strengthen brands and create individual designs with printed textiles.

The area of sun protection products also has a lot of potential. Probo regularly picks up on market developments, develops them further and, as a product innovator, continues to set new trends.


Large format laser cutting

For cutting printed textiles, the company invested in several eurolaser cutters with large processing areas and automatic material feed from the roll (conveyor system). Laser processing scores points here above all for the consistently high cutting quality, the distortion-free and precise cutting and the fused cutting edges. This eliminates additional post-processing steps and production runs reliably and can be planned. Moreover, automated production also makes personalised products in small runs profitable.

Probo Sign B.V.

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