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Light guide plates produced by laser structuring

The company polyscale manufactures application-specific light guides through the use of laser structuring. The products developed by polyscale, which is a spin-off company of the Fraunhofer IPT in Aachen, are based on principles of microstructuring for optical applications.

The operating principle of a light guide:

Light is directed laterally into a plastic plate from the edge by LEDs. The structuring of the plate results in the targeted refraction of light. It achieves a homogeneous surface appearance and at the same time an efficient conversion into light, which is emitted across the entire surface. This concept enables wide-area lighting solutions with low energy usage in extremely flat construction. As a result, it can be applied in areas with limited space, where new design aspects are being promoted or where there is a requirement for absolutely homogeneous surfaces in combination with high efficiency.

The areas of application are varied:

  • General lighting, e.g. for flat pendant luminaires, recessed ceiling lights or wall lamps
  • Emergency lighting
  • Automotive interior lighting
  • Backlighting of components/switches/displays, e.g. in building communication equipment
  • Display backlighting

Polyscale uses the eurolaser system XL-3200 for laser shaping. The high flexibility and precision were the main arguments for this decision. Repetition accuracy is a decisive factor. The eurolaser system provides the optimum solution to meet this demand, because of its excellent motion system.

To the laser system XL-3200

Polyscale has mastered the balancing act between surface homogeneity, high system efficiency and extremely low substrate thickness. Standard applications have a substrate thickness of 3 - 4 total mm. Thicknesses of 0.5 mm can be achieved for special applications. Because each workpiece is individually processed by laser, it is possible to produce prototypes and small quantities, as well as small and large production runs. Polyscale develops the appropriate structure for each application. This creates the economic conditions and the technical lighting properties for an optimum solution. Current developments should allow even thinner substrates in the form of foil or curved or freely shaped shining surfaces.

Polyscale GmbH & Co. KG
Aachen / Germany

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