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Highly resistant heat exchanger for energy recovery

Since its founding in 1982, Polybloc has helped shape the future of energy recovery. With its efficient energy recovery systems, the company brings ecology and economy together. The continuous further development of the products, at the highest technical level, ensures a sensible, sustainable investment with high efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Today, Polybloc heat exchangers are used all over the world and are manufactured individually for all requirements.

Quote by Reinhard Aurich:

'We have been using eurolaser machines in our production for several years. From the previous series (PN) to our new system (G3 series), our companies have evolved and designed solutions for mutual success. This has resulted in a trusting partnership that we no longer want to do without and supports our reliability!'

Five eurolaser systems for polymer membranes and components

Polybloc relies on the eurolaser systems of the M and XL series for cutting and welding the membranes.  Efficiency, reliability and perfect cutting results are the be-all and end-all in production at Polybloc. Precisely fitting components for the heat exchangers made of membranes and plastic carriers are now produced with five euroalser systems in Winterthur. The high quality standards and repeat accuracy are crucial. The eurolaser cutting systems score points here with reliability and durability.

Laser cutting in series - with precision and quality

Polybloc relies on the eurolaser systems of the M and XL series for cutting the film membranes and components. The consistent cut quality, precision and repeatability keep production capacity and quality high so that demand can be met efficiently.

Energy recovery - a sustainable and innovative technology for the future

Due to global warming and rising energy costs, energy recovery is becoming more and more important - even though the topic is certainly not new. Today, continuous developments and technical innovations ensure efficient recovery of energy and moisture. Polybloc innovations are doing pioneering work here and form the heart of hygienic and low-energy room ventilation in private and public areas.

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Polybloc AG

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