Plano Plastics

Leading player on the Dutch plastic market

Since its foundation in 1995, the family-owned company Plano Plastics has developed into one of the leading players on the Dutch plastics market. Plano now employs over 80 people. The company offers an extensive range of plastics, emphasising a personal approach, service and active cooperation with the customer. The products are produced and distributed at the company's headquarters in Veldhoven, NL. Plano Plastics focuses its work on getting the most out of the plastic sheet in order to achieve the best possible result for its customers.



"The eurolaser is running very good and reliably. So, the machine never stands still. Our production is always running. It’s good, it’s a very stable machine to produce with. We’re happy with it!"

Processing of acrylic sheets and Acofelt

Plano Plastics primarily processes acrylic sheets in full format (2000x3000mm) and manufactures end products for the advertising industry, exhibition stand construction, architecture, interior design and the lighting industry, among others.

The company also processes acoustic panels made from Acofelt. The material is made from recycled PET bottles and is used for the design of wall panelling or acoustic elements. It is 100% recyclable, contains no chemical components and is therefore very environmentally friendly.


XL-3200 benchmark for laser cutting acrylic

With its XL-3200, Plano Plastics has the optimum eurolaser system for processing acrylic. Thanks to the large working area of 2,270 x 3,200 mm and the special table concept (grid plate), full-format acrylic sheets between 2 mm and 25 mm thick can be processed easily, reliably, cleanly and quickly. The eurolaser system therefore combines all the important aspects of economical acrylic processing.

Plano Plastics

 Veldhoven / Niederlande


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