Global manufacturer of adhesive tape systems and polymer films

ORAFOL is one of the leading manufacturers of self-adhesive products, adhesive tape systems, and polymer films. In its almost 200-year history, ORAFOL has developed into a global player in the industry and now has worldwide locations and customers from more than 100 countries on all continents. The manufacturer of high-quality adhesive tape solutions relies on quality, innovation, and service, the perfect interplay of which is reflected in ORAFOL’s impressive track record.

Adhesive foils for every industry

The company, headquartered in Oranienburg at the gates of Berlin, sees itself as a partner for many industries. Together with its customers, individual solutions for the sustainable optimization of the end products are developed. The aim is to continue to meet the increasing demands of the market while adhering to the corporate philosophy and to provide suitable solutions for emerging challenges in the industry.

ORAFOL’s special adhesive tapes have a wide range of applications in industry and trade. The automotive industry in particular is an important sector here. More and more manufacturers are relying on lightweight construction, which is only possible with adhesive connections. But adhesive films and tapes from ORAFOL are also used in the energy sector, the display market, or the paper printing industry. The broad product portfolio serves a wide variety of requirements.

The convincing adhesive solutions from ORAFOL are based on the interplay of corporate values: quality, innovation, service, and environmental protection. eurolaser has been working with ORAFOL as a cooperation partner for many years. Certifications for the laser cutting ability of some products could be issued. Now ORAFOL has decided to invest in a cutting system from eurolaser and acquired an L-1200 with shuttle table automation. This high-precision cutting tool fits perfectly into the company’s philosophy and will contribute to future success.

To the laser system L-1200

eurolaser has tested high-performance films of the ORAJET® brand and the ORABOND® from ORAFOL for their laser cutting ability. Further materials from the manufacturer will follow in the future. A detailed report on the laser cutting test carried out on the materials is available on request.

Thanks to the successful test results, the products tested were certified by eurolaser and found to be excellently suitable.

To the test-certificates

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