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Founded in 1978 by Sami Bou Habib, LIVESCALE LLC has always been keen to provide highest quality architectural scale models for clients around the world and specifically architectural consultants, real estate developers, urban planning groups and city authorities. No matter how complicated the architectural design is the LIVESCALE team has always been up to the challenge, and for this they are now recognized as the model making who can execute any architectural design.


LIVESCALE has been continuously expanding with a portfolio that includes over 2,000 scale models for cities such as Monaco, urban plans for provinces in Saudi Arabia, Dubai airports, residential and commercial projects, museums, and towers.

Today, based in two manufacturing workshops, Dubai and Beirut, the experienced teams manufacture, deliver and install scale models around the world for their clients.

The company started as a pure manual craft when models took much more time than they do today. In the beginning of the 90s LIVESCALE started using laser technology for cutting and processing building elevations to make models out of them and soon enough, it shifted to using eurolaser systems. Amongst few scale model makers in the world, LIVESCALE has the biggest and highest quality laser system XL-1600 in addition to M-1200 by eurolaser.

To the laser systems

Sami Bou Habib, Founder of LIVESCALE:

'The driving elements of the business are our skilled and experienced model makers using the most precise laser systems. Since we are considered to be the best in making architectural scale models, we have never accepted using any laser systems.'

'Today, the model making business is dependent on the evolution and precision of laser systems. In this, we trust our partner eurolaser for keeping us updated with the best quality systems on the market.'

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