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Premium class designer furniture

The Dutch Leolux Furniture Group (LFG) produces top-class design furniture. In addition to the premium Leolux brand, the lifestyle brand Pode and the compact, timeless Evidence furniture, the 450 employees also produce furniture for the project market under the name Leolux LX. The sometimes whimsical products are sold worldwide and made to order. In this way, LFG prevents valuable raw materials or even entire products from going unsold. Each buyer is offered the ultimate choice of materials, colors and comfort options.

At LFG, sustainability is the starting point for furniture production. Thanks to the combination of timeless design and very high quality, the furniture is often part of the family for generations. Leolux also offers reupholstery that extends the life of the furniture by decades.

Freelance designers from all over Europe form the basis for each collection. Their ideas are brought to production maturity by LFG's own product developers. To ensure that each brand has its own face, well-known designers at Pode (Studio Roderick Vos) and Leolux (Studio Truly Truly) take on the technical direction.

Those who want to see with their own eyes how the Leolux furniture group produces can book a guided tour at the Visitor Center. This is possible individually or in a group.

Tool of the future

As the focus is not only on individual and filigree details but most especially on quality, the owners of Leolux put their trust in a laser system from eurolaser.

The laser system has been specially adapted to meet the requirements of the furniture factory, so that very wide materials measuring anything up to 2.20 m can be processed. The size of a processing system is particularly decisive in the seating furniture branch. Leolux cuts all its MDF parts with the aid of its eurolaser laser system. So chippings, soiling and blunt tools are therefore just 'water under the bridge'. Automatic interweaving means that the MDF boards can be used to the full thus reducing waste to a minimum. Laser is a radius-free tool so any desired contour outlines can be cut without having to take tool limitations into consideration.

Fast, efficient and easy to use

Huub Rademakers, Technical Director at Leolux:

‘In Venlo (NL) we produce all our designer furniture to order. We not only need craftsmanship and expertise in order to produce all possibilities quickly and efficiently, we also need an awful lot of high-tech. The eurolaser laser system is particularly important for Leolux in both the Product Development Department and for the production of small production parts. Fast, efficient and easy to use.’

To the laser system XL-1200

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