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The company LASER MARKING SYSTEM SL. – Cutting & Engraving is a specialist for laser cutting and laser marking. Founded in 1992, the company has its roots in the healthcare sector and the processing of silicone keyboards. There are currently (2017) 15 laser engravers and 2 laser cutting systems in operation for orders from the automotive and cosmetic branches.


The product programme was diversified in the year 2014 and expanded to include the laser cutting range of services. LASER MARKING SYSTEM looked for a versatile laser system with extended machining options for this division, so it could operate as flexibly as possible. After a comparison of the systems available on the market, eurolaser proved to be a reliable partner – a forward-looking, high-tech company with extensive experience in the market.

The decision was made for the eurolaser XL-3200 CO2 laser cutter with a table size of over 3 m x 2 m and a 400-Watt power output. The laser system is also equipped with an optical recognition system. The possibilities for cutting and marking different materials and for expanding the system with additional tools, such as oscillating knives, milling or creasing tools, were the key benefits that influenced the choice of the right system.

to the XL-3200 laser system

Technical staff:

“Work with the eurolaser machine is running well and trouble-free. The software, including the optical recognition system, is simple to operate. It is reliable and we are offered a good service. The investment was well worthwhile and it is a pleasure to produce new creations with the laser equipment.

Thanks to eurolaser we have been able to expand our product range and build up important expertise in the laser branch, without having to compromise on our family philosophy.”

As a result of the positive order situation, the company invested in another eurolaser system in 2016. This time they purchased an M-1600 with a work area of 1.3 m x 1.6 m and a 200-Watt power output. Productivity has now increased significantly thanks to the automatic shuttle table system.

Customers from LASER MARKING SYSTEM include among others designers and industrial customers with lots of creative ideas. Thanks to eurolaser technology LASER MARKING SYSTEM is now in a position to offer a high-quality service in real time and at a very competitive price.

to the shuttle table system M-1600

Product examples:


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