Lampe Technical Textiles B.V.


The history of Lampe Technical Textiles B.V. goes back a long way and is closely interwoven with the development of the ready-to-wear and textile trade in Germany and the Netherlands. What began in 1875 with the sale of textiles for the local dairy industry by Gebroeders Lampe soon developed into an importer, sewing company and wholesaler of textiles. Today, it is a customer-oriented company that is happy to provide advice and specialises in many different technical textile applications. From linen felts to filtration textiles and industrial felts. With their own manufacturing facilities, they know how to offer a good solution for every textile or felt application.

Laser cutting as a solution

Until now, it took several steps to turn a textile into a ready-to-use filter, which greatly impaired efficiency. The cut edges were usually imprecise or frayed and therefore had to be laboriously stitched or fused in a separate work step. A new solution was needed that would not only replace the outdated processing methods, but also impress with precision and efficiency and be able to cope with the large variety of materials. The laser is the ideal processing machine for this challenge.

"The laser offers accuracy, a reliable cutting speed and efficient material utilisation. It also has high repeatability, so you get the same results over and over again." - Rob Aukema, Managing Director


eurolaser has comprehensive solutions for the requirements of Lampe Technical Textiles: The L-2500 in 2002 and the XL-3200 in 2018. The various technical textiles can be processed in large format directly from the roll. The eurolaser works quickly and precisely - one cut part is the same as another! The laser cut ensures that the material edges are evenly sealed during the cutting process. There is no need for re-sewing or additional sealing of the material edges, which means that the cuts remain evenly flat without thickening the edge. The non-contact cut ensures distortion-free cutting of the material in any direction, making incorrectly cut parts a thing of the past. Both large and small series can be produced without retooling. Nesting also ensures that the blanks can be optimally arranged and positioned on the processing table - ideally even without gaps. This means optimum and cost-saving material utilisation.

With more than 20 years of experience, Lampe Technical Textiles can rightly say that switching to a eurolaser was the right decision.

Lampe Technical Textiles B.V.

 Sneek / Netherlands

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