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KE Fibertec – "Air the Way You Want"

KE Fibertec AS develops, manufactures, and markets "Good indoor climate" or air distribution systems based on fibre technology. The principle is to create draught-free and uniform distribution of the ventilation air through our tailored textile ducts. Today, air distribution systems are used in almost all applications - from industry to sports centres, office facilities, laboratories, food industry, and many other applications that require a good indoor climate.


In principle a textile duct is a round, semi-round or quarter round duct made of a light-weight textile material instead of e.g galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminium, designed for delivery and distribution of cooled or heated air.

In order to ensure that KE Fibertec's stringent quality requirements are met, all its textile materials are woven at KE Fibertec's own weaving mill KE Fibertec Væveri AS.

For the cutting of textiles, KE Fibertec has deliberately decided for the eurolaser laser system L-3200. The advantages of laser cutting are obvious. Laser cutting allows precise and filigree cutting of contours, so that an accuracy of the textiles will be achieved. Among others, a positive side effect is the fact that, in case of plastics, there will be melted cutting edges so that the fibers cannot fray anymore. By using laser processing, even the smallest inner contours can be realised which are not possible with conventional processing methods, such as punching or knife cutting.

To the laser system L-3200

In addition, the selected module with conveyor offers the opportunity to process textiles directly from the roll. Based on customer’s requirement, an individual table solution with separate collecting table was built, which can be adapted to the working level of its employees. By considering this aspect, an ergonomic work place can be ensured. With the aid of a software, the individual contours need to be cut will optimally be positioned onto the material and be cut with little material loss. In order to label cutting parts for further process steps in the production process, and thus, to optimise the traceability, the system consists of the Label and Ink Printer Module. By using these, parts that belong together, can be labeled as a set for a smooth further processing. All in all, this results in a fully automated production solution.

Johnny Kusk Møller, Production Director at KE Fibertec AS:

“As market leader in textile based ventilation we want to be first mover. We introduced the world’s first Cradle to Cradle product in the business and recently we were certified according to the new ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standard (2015) as the first company in Denmark. Consequently, we always go with the best suppliers available and therefore eurolaser was the natural choice for us when we needed a new laser machine.”

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KE Fibertec AS

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