Hills Numberplates Ltd.

Laser-cut and routed plastic number plates

Hills Numberplates was founded as a supplier of number plates in Birmingham in 1927. Since then, the company has become one of the market leaders in the UK. In addition to number plate production, Hills also excels in services, printing and customisation and is unique in the market with its "production-on-demand line", which allows for short-term and individual customer requests and their delivery within a few days.

Quote by Julian Caine (Technical director):

'We produce both finished number plates for private customers and components for commercial customers who want to produce number plates on site. Therefore, our products and services are tailored to the needs and wishes of our customers. The eurolaser machine gives us more flexibility and effectiveness in production here!'

Laser cutting on demand - with precision and quality

Hills NB uses an XL series eurolaser system to cut the number plates. The consistent cut quality, precision and repeatability keep production capacity and quality high so that production can run economically and efficiently and the "production-on-demand" concept can be implemented perfectly.

eurolaser XL-3200 system with router and laser

Hills Numberplates has relied on laser cutting technology for years. Laser machines deliver perfect results and pay for themselves quickly. eurolaser impressed with the durability, reliability of the systems and flexibility of the design. In addition to the laser, the combined machining with the router is an important part of the production.

Furthermore, the eurolaser design enables future additions and expansions at any time. Finally, the customer-oriented service and consulting, which fits perfectly with the corporate philosophy of Hills Numberplates, was also decisive.

Individuality in the series product - A trend that convinces

Hills Numberplates implements individual customer wishes quickly. It takes a maximum of two days from the order to the delivery of the finished product and the licence plate has arrived at the customer's premises. Both the inscription and the design of the number plate can be realised in a variety of individual ways within the framework of the legal requirements. And Hills is the successful pioneer and trendsetter of this increasing individualisation on the market.

Examples of products:

Hills Numberplates Ltd.

Birmingham / England (United Kingdom)


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