Gustav Scharnau GmbH

Adhesive tape specialist since 1914

In the fourth generation, Gustav Scharnau GmbH is developing high-quality adhesive solutions. For more than 100 years, the specialists in self-adhesive tapes and foils have been manufacturing complex products for their worldwide customers from industry, trade, and services. Quality and innovation go hand in hand from the start. Today Gustav Scharnau also convinces through cooperations with strong partners such as tesa and 3M.

Expertise with a zero-mistake strategy

Gustav Scharnau GmbH has attached great importance to innovation and further development while working with industrial adhesive tapes since 1914. Adhesive technology is constantly changing and has to respond to the demands of the market. The company relies on maximum process reliability to maximize quality to be able to offer its customers the best possible result. The process competence is firmly anchored in the company philosophy. Today, digital processes and new possibilities are already being used extensively in order to continue all challenges

eurolaser system at Gustav Scharnau GmbH

Gustav Scharnau GmbH owns an extensive machine park which has also been equipped with eurolaser systems since 1998. These include five machines from the eurolaser M series, including the M-1600 and M-1200 cutting systems. The powerful laser systems are used for processing and cutting industrials adhesive solutions and adhesive tapes. Thanks to the contactless cut, clean cut edges are created and no adhesive residue sticks to the tool.

To the laser system M-1600 for foils

Laser cutting of adhesive products

At Gustav Scharnau, among other Semi-finished products made from adhesive tapes that are then used, for example, in the automotive industry to connect individual components. The advantages of laser processing, especially with adhesive tapes, include the consistently perfect cutting results with very good repeatability. A wide variety of contours can be cut, even with tight radii or filigree details that can hardly be reproduced by other cutting tools.

The most important plus point, however, is the clean cut edge. If an adhesive tape is cut with a knife, it quickly becomes blunt and adhesive tape is cut with a knife, it quickly becomes blunt and adhesive residues, and small parts of the material stick to it. A lot of time is spent here cleaning and replacing tools. This problem can be avoided with the laser, as the contactless cut is carried out without contamination and buildup.

Quote Matthias Schach, CEO at Gustav Scharnau:

„Laser cutting enables extremely short set-up times, generates no tool costs, adheres to the tightest tolerances, and thereby achieves unimaginable increases in productivity. We have known eurolaser since 1998. And we actually first gave eurolaser the idea of developing lasers to cut our adhesive tapes. It paid off, I would say. High-quality laser-cut products are economical for small batches, for example when building prototypes. Also, we can quickly cut very large complex, and difficult adhesive tapes. We are talking about dimensions beyond 700 millimeters. We quickly reach the limits of what is possible with our rotary die cutters. We currently have five eurolaser systems in operation. The latest machine, which we affectionally call „the baby“, was not put into operation until 2020 and we are very satisfied with eurolaser.“

   Processing samples:

Gustav Scharnau GmbH
Werneuchen / Germany

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