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True-to-life prints on acrylic

Body Worlds is an exhibition of anatomical preparations (anatomy = study of the internal structure of the body) that is as unique as it is unusual and that has given rise to many and often controversial discussions in the past. What has remained today is primarily the fascination of getting unprecedented impressions of the structure of the human body.


Gunther von Hagens developed the process of plastination as long ago as the 1970s. He researched this technique for several decades making continuous improvements all the time. Plastination now makes it possible to stabilise all body parts and preserve them permanently. This detailed preparation and the innovative means of permanent preservation are the result of both the perseverance of Gunther von Hagens and sensational research work. The entire process reflects expert craftsmanship perfectly.

The possibility of reproducing permanently and clearly what has never been seen before is a milestone in the exposing of connections in the structure of the human body. Not only is this imparted knowledge informative for non-professionals, it most especially enhances the studies of aspiring doctors.

That is why the Gubener Plastinate GmbH wishes to make this knowledge available for research and training purposes. Educational institutions can purchase realistic digital prints with which medical issues can be explained clearly.

The process involves making high-quality digital prints in acrylic sheets. This gives surpassing brilliance to the photo prints which are at the same time protected by the acrylic glass. Gubener Plastinate uses a laser system from eurolaser for true-to-detail cutting of all desired contours. The system can cut acrylic sheets of up to 20 mm accurately and without the need of any reworking. Plus the smooth cut edges give the showpiece a classic look thus adding to its high-quality.

To the laser system XL-3200

“The laser equipment ideally meets our demands for the perfect and quick cutting of preparation prints according to contour specifications. The result of the acrylic processing is a visually attractive acrylic edge that fulfils the needs in both the presentation area of our exhibition as well as the medical training institutions of our customers to the full.”
Mr Andre Zink, employee at Gubener Plastinate GmbH

Gubener Plastinate GmbH
Guben / Germany

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