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Individual design in fine veneers

What could be better than to come home, close the door behind you and simply settle down and relax? This feeling of well-being can be further increased however if the everyday world remains behind a high-quality door made by GRAUTHOFF Türengruppe. For these doors meet even the highest individual expectations. Both in design and in the choice of materials, they are an eye-catcher in any personal living space.

As a family-run business and manufacturer of HGM real wood and varnished doors, ASTRA plastic doors and Light and Harmony all-glass doors, GRAUTHOFF Türengruppe represents high quality, traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design, and has done so for more than 50 years. The company produces creative solutions for exclusive interior and exterior doors using high-quality veneers from all over the world. As well as impressive design, special features such as noise suppression, smoke and fire protection, and burglar-resistant construction are of course included in the range.

It goes without saying that high-quality materials combined with dynamic zeitgeist and the latest manufacturing processes feature in the production of these units. For some years, a eurolaser XL-1200 system has also contributed to production, enabling high productivity, master craftsmanship and the love of wood to be combined. This allows market requirements and customers' wishes to be satisfied to an even greater extent, and there are no longer any limits on design.

To the laser system XL-1200

The idea of lasering arose from the development of the extraordinary Feng Shui collection, which came about with the help of qualified Feng Shui partners. This energy design developed along Feng Shui guidelines can be lasered into the veneer in many ways. For this special innovation, GRAUTHOFF Türengruppe has already received the Innovation Prize for Wood as well as a TOP 100 distinction for being one of the most innovative companies in Germany.

Wolfgang Grauthoff, Managing Director at GRAUTHOFF Türengruppe:

'Since we have been using the eurolaser system, it is extraordinary how wehave been able to design doors even more individually. Depending on the artwork,we put anything on the door that the customer wants, whether it be a signature,logo, room name or whatever.'

Another very successful product is the Orchard Collection, where visually beautiful but restrained motifs in the form of veneer inlays applied by laser technology give every door a special appearance. These relate to the customers' longing for enchanted gardens and magical landscapes, and set new standards in veneer processing. The Orchard Collection has already been awarded the German Timber Trade Federation's Woody Award. An example of how investment in new technologies can enhance a company's international competitiveness and therefore also its sustainability.

Welcome to the individual world of veneer processing.

Laser cutting of veneer

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