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Seeing individual products as a challenge

Maintaining the status quo is easy - what makes the implementation of customer desires more tricky are small quantities, short delivery times and high quality standards. Gespänsterwald GmbH is able to meet these demands with no problems – and 100% in Germany. The company from Rostock has specialised in the packaging and point-of-sale market as full-service provider. Here, customers can get everything from one source - starting with the brainstorming and pre-press up to the implementation including printing and finishing.


In addition to folding boxes, packaging, greeting cards, applications, labels and various gifts, the business field of the company from Rostock also includes digital and UV printing. However, it is not only paper that is processed with pressing, stamping and heat transfers. Even wood and MDF products are included in the Gespänsterwald portfolio. Anything that cannot be realised technically is created through the special cooperation with the sheltered workshops, which guarantees high-quality finish by hand of any kind.

Print & Cut - A great team

Individual customer wishes are realised at Gespänsterwald using the most recent technologies. For the area of large-format sheet printing, the company has a UV printer type Océ Arizona 318 GL. Together with the laser cutter  Laser cutter L-1200 from eurolaser, this is a decidedly worthwhile combination, for instance, printed acrylic plates can be finished directly on the print contour in breathtaking quality.

‘With the laser system we enable precision work of flexible and rigid materialswithin the shortest time span.’

The special feature of the laser cutter is the large sized shuttle table, with which the table that is already loaded with material can be changed over. While the laser continues cutting, the operator can prepare the next table in parallel. This not only facilitates handling, but also significantly increases efficiency!

To the Shuttle Table System

Gespänsterwald GmbH Verpackungen
Rostock / Germany


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