Gauzy GmbH

Materials science company for light control through nanotechnology

Gauzy is a global leader in materials science and nanotechnology focused on the research, development, manufacture and commercialisation of LCG® (Light Control Glass) technologies, providing dynamic applications for a range of industries and partners worldwide.

Quote by Han-Alexander Pothoven / Jens Steinkopf:

"The XL-3200 eurolaser system fits our requirements perfectly. Quality and perfection in cutting are very important to our customers. Both can be realised with the eurolaser systems."

Switchable glass and foils - with a lot of potential

Gauzy's proprietary LCG® (Light Control Glass) technology allows the glass to change from transparent to various degrees of opacity as needed - for privacy, custom shading, solarshading and transparent displays in the rooms you spend the most time in. There is also a lot of potential in solar control products. Gauzy SPD blocks 99% of light for energy control in automotive and architectural applications and allows windows to be shaded without blocking the view outside. The company takes market trends, develops them further and, as a product innovator, continues to set new accents.

Laser cutting with precision

For cutting the coating foils and the self-adhesive switchable foils, the company invested in an XL-3200 eurolaser cutter with an integrated fibre laser source. Laser processing scores points here above all for the consistently high cutting quality, the distortion-free and precise cutting and the residue-free processing of the materials. This eliminates the need for additional post-processing steps and allows for more economical and efficient production in the face of steadily increasing demand.

Examples of products:

Gauzy GmbH
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