The machine park of Laser Center, which was established in 1991, has expanded massively over the last few years, and has of course also been continuously updated. From lasering, trimming, bending, stamping and milling to digital, screen and 3D printing and complex assembly for any kind of part and assembly manufacturing, the operation in South Germany is optimally equipped and positioned. For efficient, cost-effective and quality conscious production, best material knowledge, construction and manufacturing expertise as well as quality awareness are required. is specialised in well-designed and optimally manufactured precision components which are completely manufactured to order and assembled into entire modules. The company's strength is the complete manufacture and assembly of versatile objects. These vary from extremely simple to extremely complex and multipartite, depending on requirements. Be it medical engineering, the construction industry or a perfumery, the range of applications is unlimited. is extending its production capacity in an optimum way with eurolaser. Smaller orders can now also be incorporated in the process, above all the cutting of printed materials. This makes the team at even more flexible.

The automatic shuttle table for increasing productivity and reducing stop times and also the camera system for exact positioning of the laser on printed panels are ideal for the production process. Thanks to these features, the usual 2-shift operation on 6 days per week is also possible for this manufacturing process. The eurolaser system has been directly placed next to the digital printing department so that the workflow from printing preparation to manufacturing can be accomplished quickly and directly.

To the Shuttle Table System M-1600


The continuous renewal of the highly technological machine park in the plastic machining area and the possibility of connecting robots to the laser cutting system (automatic equipping and part removal) made it easy for to decide in favour of a eurolaser.

5000 m2 production area, the modern machine park and of course the specialists and generalists in the team make a proud "Made in Germany" company.

Vinzenz Trenkle, managing director and founder

‘It's no problem to manufacturing precision parts with the latest state of technology. However, combining the technical requirements and reliable functionality with good design is the actual challenge, which we can only achieve thanks to our creativity and good equipment.’

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