Printing goes hand in hand with exact cutting

Especially where printed materials are concerned, exact cutting is decisive for the quality of the finished product. The cut must be carried out with great precision along the printing contour. A classic field for cutting with the laser beam. The FOLTEC company with its base in southern Germany is a specialist when it comes to foil and printing technology. Its portfolio ranges from front foils and membrane keyboards to type plates, housing printing and on right through to foil lettering.

Front foils and membrane keyboards are used in many different products worldwide and very often turn these into what they actually are. Although often inconspicuous, they play a decisive role in the quality and functionality of many goods. Whether you are talking about ergonomic design, key embossing with tactile feedback, surfaces pleasant to the touch, diversity in shape and colour or just simply technical requirements such as solvent resistance or splash protection – the demands of customers are diverse and often require customised solutions. Customers from industry and the handcraft trades are always offered tailor-made products.

It goes without saying that the corporate philosophy at FOLTEC includes guaranteed high quality, on-time deliveries, sound advice and flexibility, all offered to fair conditions. In order to ensure customers get the best possible service, FOLTEC offers one-stop solutions, from printing to cutting. This of course requires not only printers but also the possibility of professional processing. Thanks to its exceptionally progressive machine park, FOLTEC is able to meet even the highest demands on manufacturing quality and flexibility. The focus during processing is on precision and quality, which means of course that there is a laser system from eurolaser among the state-of-the-art machine park of this company. The use of laser enables extremely exact cutting, so even the smallest details plus any number of different contours can be realised. And all with a profitable cost-benefit ratio.

Mr Bertsch, CEO at FOLTEC:

'We want to satisfy our customers by offering them the best possible productsmanufactured individually for them and to continuously improve ourselves. It is not onlythe selection of the materials and the functional design that are important if we are toachieve this goal, but also the choice of the right equipment for production. With ourlaser system from eurolaser we can be sure we have the latest technology, one that willenable us to implement individual customer requirements quickly and flexibly. Lasertechnology enhances the results of many applications and opens up a whole new rangeof possibilities. What is more the high level of efficiency of these machines boosts ourcost effectiveness.'

To the laser system M-800

FOLTEC is also active in other market segments as well as foils. Other fields of business include such things as the manufacture of signs, lettering, display and housing printing. They offer screen, digital and pad printing, so virtually all surfaces can be printed. The majority of market requirements can be met with the modern, versatile machines, from small simple solutions right through to extremely complex sales displays. FOLTEC has once again expanded its portfolio by investing in a laser system from eurolaser. There is an ever greater call for technical components that carry out their work reliably while remaining “invisible”. A market that could not be served without this high-tech system. Even the processing of acrylic glass is possible using laser technology and is implemented successfully. High product quality, flexibility in production and extensive one-stop solutions are the outstanding qualities of FOLTEC – best proof of this are its many well-known and satisfied customers.


Schwabmünchen / Germany

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