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High tech fabric made of composite materials

The company Embro (abbreviation for embroidery) has many years of experience in the field of technical embroidery and technical textiles. Due to the clear orientation & specialisation in the field of functional textiles (smart textiles), Embro GmbH is not only an innovative & competent partner for its customers, but also a know-how carrier for the following areas:

  • Manufacturer of electric heating elements & panel heating elements
  • Silicone heating mats
  • heating fabrics, as well as flexible heating foils & heating systems
  • textile sensors
  • intelligent textiles



Mandy Böhm reports enthusiastically:

'We can work comfortably with the eurolaser XL-1600 because it is easy to operate and offers us a lot of scope even for large objects. Another advantage is that it also cuts special materials such as aramid, glass fibre and carbon fabric.'

Fibre composite components and functional elements by embroidery

Another field of activity is the production of dry preforms for the manufacture of fibre composites using the so-called tailored fibre placement process. In this process, bundled carbon fibre strands (rovings) are deposited in a targeted manner on a carrier substrate; this is also referred to simply as carbon laying. The placement can take place in any direction, i.e. between 0 and 360 degrees.


From development to series production

Along the entire value chain, a high degree of innovation and short reaction times are part of the corporate philosophy. Embro, the professional for technical embroidery, thus guarantees absolute reliability, speed and a high degree of innovation for its products. Embro ensures a high level of customer orientation in combination with top quality through highly qualified specialist staff. The willingness of employees to acquire skills on the new production equipment - as in the example of the new laser cutting system - is also promoted through active training and further education measures.


Time savings through laser cutting of composite fabrics

The new eurolaser XL-1600 has been in operation at Embro since mid-2022 and its performance sustainably increases productivity in the production process. The investment in another laser machine expands the existing machine park and makes the implementation of new orders even more flexible.

The shuttle table system allows the second laser table to be loaded and unloaded in parallel with the laser processing.

That is why the eurolaser is so popular at Embro - the specialist for smart textiles:

  • it is modern
  • runs super fast & clean
  • offers maximum scope for different shapes
  • also cuts aramide, glass fibre and carbon fabrics excellently!

Diverse areas of application

The areas of application for Embro products are as diverse as the property requirements of the customers. These include flexible heating elements & heating pads, technical textiles for the medical sector, textile sensors and antenna structures, smart textiles and conductive tapes, flexible printed circuit boards and dry preforms for fibre composites.

Embro GmbH
Klingenthaler Straße 109
Auerbach / Germany

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