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Love of detail par excellence

It would be hard to find another company that is as popular with model railway enthusiasts as Busch GmbH & Co. KG. With more than 1,000 model railway articles the traditional manufacturer from Vierheim (Rhein Neckar) leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to classic model railway accessories, Busch also offers articles for dioramas (3-D landscapes), fantasy worlds and architectural models. If the model world is to be kept as realistic as possible the portfolio must include trees and bushes, roads and scenery construction as well as models of buildings and technical elements with lighting and sound modules. The love of detail exhibited by these top quality articles makes the heart of every model railway and model making enthusiast beat faster.

The successful company with its 130 employees has gained its expertise in over 50 years of experience in the world of model making. However, unlike many other companies in the toy branch, Busch produces the majority of its articles in Germany or other places in Europe. It even manufactures the plastic injection moulding tools it needs for production in its own plant in Germany.

 “Made in Germany” is the formula of success that has made the company Busch what it is today. – Another thing that makes the model maker the leading company in its branch, apart from the benefits reaped from having a location in Germany, is its willingness to adopt technical innovations – particularly where its filigree accessories are concerned.

This was illustrated in the year 2008 when Busch extended its traditional manufacturing processes to include laser technology and since that timeit has been producing scale laser-cut parts. This innovative manufacturing process is carried out on laser cutting and engraving systems from eurolaser. The technology from eurolaser provides the company with all the benefits to meet the high demands placed on model making.

To the laser system M-800

Thomas Stegmann, Manager of the establishment Schönheide:

'Busch and eurolaser, Top-level Creativity and Precision.'

In addition to its Tool Making and Plastic Injection Moulding Department, Busch has had its own Laser-Cut Department since 2008, in which the highest requirements within a process are fulfilled through contactless cutting and engraving. The reduction in the number of job steps achieved with use of laser technology has helped Busch to lower its production costs noticeably. Blunt tools and wear parts are a thing of the past, the use of laser is today’s solution and will remain so in the future.

Busch GmbH & Co. KG
Viernheim / Germany

Quality, perfection, precision and looking further than its own nose is what makes Busch outstanding.

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